3G MMA holds Karachi’s first MMA Smoker

A typical Sunday evening in Karachi usually witnesses people going out with friends or relatives, chilling in their homes, watching TV or worrying about what Monday might bring. But on 15 July 2012, it was a different Sunday evening. Karachi witnessed its first ever Mixed Martial Arts event held at THIRD GENERATION MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (3G-MMA) near Nipa Chowrangi. It was titled “3G -SMOKER” and showcased fighters mainly from 3gMMA and ACT-ONE MUAY THAI. Also, there were fighters who train independently or are trained in traditional style of Martial Arts like Karate and Taekwondo.

The show started with the demonstration of Martial Arts Skills performed by Sir. Nadeem and his students then founder and head trainer at 3G-MMA Ovais Shah performed spectacular skills by breaking ice blocks with elbow strikes and kicks and my favorite; breaking a tile with his thumb.

Hammad vs. Irtesam
The demo got the crowd warmed up for an exhibition grappling match between Irtesam and Hammad. These two brothers who are 14 and 12 respectively are deaf by birth but love mixed martial arts and especially grappling. They both showed great skills that left the crowd in awe. The match was of two three minute rounds; one with more submissions wins the fight. Hammad won that match 2-0.

Qasim vs. Khizer
For the main card, the rules were simple, 3 x 3 minute rounds with no elbows or knees allowed in any position. The first fight was between Qasim of 3G-MMA and Khizer who is a Black Belt in Bando-Karate. This was a one side affair from the word go Qasim was the aggressor who repeatedly landed devastating blows and referee stopped the fight in the first round.

Ali Usmani vs. Asif
Next up was a fight between Ali Usmani of 3G-MMA and Asif of ACT-ONE. This was a see-saw battle it was ASIF who drew first blood with a couple of right hands that dazed Ali but Ali came back and took the fight to the ground, landed a few strikes before securing a rare-naked choke. There was a bit of a controversy as after the fight, Ali in the heat of the moment celebrated with some obscene gestures that left Asif’s corner protesting. So for the sake of the sport the decision was reversed to a No-Contest.

Shahid vs. Ebad
Third fight of the main card was a Muay Thai Fight between Shahid of 3gMMA and Ebad of ACT-ONE. It was a good fight to watch as Ebad was trying to push the pace as Shahid was keeping things technical. Shahid started landing some good counter strikes that started to take a toll on Ebad and eventually the fight was stopped by the referee. Shahid won by a TKO.

Hassan vs. Fayyaz
Next fight was another Muay Thai fight between Hassan of 3GMMA and Fayyaz of ACT-ONE. This was a battle of attrition as both guys matched well against each other. Both guys landed good technical strikes, Hassan used his reach where as Fayyaz tried to get inside and do his thing. The fight went the distance and Judges Sir. Nadeem and Sir. Gohar Gul along with the referee Ovais Shah called it a majority draw.

Daniyal vs Vohra
This was the fight of the night. Daniyal of 3gMMA and Vohra of ACT-ONE locked horns for an MMA fight. They both seemed well versed in striking and kept things technical but when the fight got to the ground vohra seemed to be in command and applied 3 guillotine chokes in 2 rounds of fighting but was not able to finish Daniyal. Daniyal survived this ordeal for 2 rounds, Vohra was carrying an illness coming into this fight which took its toll on him and his corner stopped the fight in the start of the third round. The heart both fighters showed is commendable.

Hamza vs. Abid
Next fight was an MMA open weight fight between Hamza of ACT-ONE and Abid who is trained in Karate. The fight only lasted one round which saw Abid trying to use his reach and size against a smaller and lighter opponent but as the fight went to the ground hamza secured a deep triangle choke and Abid tapped eventually.

Akif vs. Imran
The main event was between Akif of 3gMMA and Imran who is a trained boxer. The fight started with both fighters respecting each other’s power. It was evident that Akif was using his kicks a little more against Imran who is predominantly a boxer. In the first round both fighters landed a few strikes; Akif tried to take the fight to the ground but Imran stubbed every takedown attempt. As the second started Imran was looking to be more aggressive, when they engaged Akif clipped him with a right hand as Imran tried to move away Akif landed a devastating kick right on Imran’s chin and left him knocked out cold.

This event was the first of its kind in Karachi and the credit goes to Ovais Shah and his team for organizing such great event.




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