Bredan Fou

Bredan Fou is a new martial arts style, the fighting way of Black Panther. Bredan Fou is a Pakistani martial system that brings together the complex Southern Chinese hand techniques with the kicking and leg maneuvers of Northern Chinese martial arts. It is one of the most complete and useful arts for both health and self-defense. Bredan Fou highlights relaxed, inner power rather than strong, muscular force. This is not just more useful (giving the smaller person an advantage) but is better for the practitioner’s wellbeing. Bredan Fou Martial Arts forms are circular, strong and as beautiful to watch as they are effective in contest. They usually contain over 150 movements, each one having a practical purpose in self-defense. Bredan Fou Martial Arts forms done at full speed provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. Bredan Fou Martial Arts includes a wide range of techniques, such as , lethal pressure point attacks, joint locks,  long and short range punches, kicks, sweeps ,takedowns and grappling. Bredan Fou also uses traditional Martial Arts weapons, But Weapon Techniques are new but very effective and useful. Bredan Fou martial arts include Black Panther and fighting techniques and different martial arts styles. North Wushu Kung Fu, Choy Lay Fut. Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Thi Chi Quain, Chan Thi chi Bok May Kung Fu, Toung Young, Old Greek Martial Arts style Pangration. Bredan Fou founder name is Grand Master Rizwan Hussain. He is associated with martial arts since 25 years. The Bredan Fou system uses a combination of short range tactics and long range movements. However, blocks and counters have the striking power of sledge hammer. Bredan Fou martial arts consists kicks, punchs, body and hand block. As well as weapons, Tholou (Form) and street self defiance techniques and deadly street fighting techniques (Locks, Throw and 15 Weapons). Bredan Fou basically teaches us that how body and brain should be strong. It also gives practice to spiritual power. It is a swift and powerful martial arts style. Bredan Fou teaches us, when a rival attacks on us, not only we can defence but at the same time we can use his power against him. It teaches us that when you block the attack of a rival, you can also perform locks and throw him. It is a very easy martial art style that every person can learn. It is officially represented in following countries of the world,  Pakistan, USA, Poland, Bangladesh, Serbia, Turkey, Germany, Australia, Iran, Nepal, South Africa, Greek, Zimbabwe, India, Brazil, Switzerland, Peru, Egypt, Portugal, France, Serbia and Italy.

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