Fite Selektor Recruitment

Who is the best fighter in Pakistan? Which martial arts style is the best? Who has what it takes to be a fighter? FiteSelektor wants to know.

Prize is 5 Lakhs rs and a contract with Fite Selektor. Wanted are tough individuals who have what it takes to make their family, friends and nation proud in international MMA competition. Is having a martial arts black belt enough to guarantee victory? In Mixed Martial Arts anything can happen and all are encouraged to reply regardless of experience. Weigh between 70-90 kg and believe that you have what it takes and you can come try out for the show and be seen on National TV aired on LIVE events on Pakistani TV. Whether or not a contestant wins a show, a future in the sport of MMA is possible in future MMA events in Pakistan and around the world.

Mixed Martial Pakistan is helping Fite Selektor recruit the first generation of Pakistan’s MMA stars. Be a pioneer for Pakistani MMA.

Those interested please send an email along with a picture in a fighting stance. Please answer ALL the questions or your application will not be reviewed until the very end of the selection when there may not be any spaces left.

We will try and visit as many cities and possible looking for candidates in clubs and gym all around the country. We strongly recommend making attempts at arranging a face to face interview before the show. This will greatly increase your chances at being selected as one of the original 20 fighters that will start Fite Selektor.

Remember to enter the show you must be –

* Over 18 years of age
* Between 70-90 kg
* Confident in yourself in your style and your abilities

Applications will be closed end of December.

MMA Pakistan will be holding a seminar at Body Impact Club in Gukshan Iqbal Karachi on Dec 15th. Members get in free and non members will have to pay 300 rs. The seminar will be in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, for those wishing to be part of Fite Selektor please come and increase your chances of entering the show increase your chances of WINNING the show by learning some new techniques.

Send application to with


Style (If any, if you you do not train you can simply write in what you offer to FS)




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