MMA Pakistan expands into MMA gear

Here in Pakistan, despite not having a huge MMA scene, we ironically probably have access to more quality MMA equipment per capita than anywhere else in the world. Sialkot located in Eastern Punjab is one of the worlds largest MMA gear manufacturing hubs on earth. The problem is, is that there is a large disconnect between manufacturers and buyers. Much of this is due to language and cultural differences but the vast majority of it is due to the fact that manufacturers ARE NOT MMA athletes and cannot understand the rigors that gear is suspect to during MMA training. That is why MMA Pakistan is now working with various Sialkot manufacturers as a liaison between foreign companies. MMA Pakistan can provide the certification and quality inspection that is needed to do honest long term business relations with manufacturers. On top of that MMA Pakistan can subject sample gear to testing under combat conditions to ensure top quality gear is being manufactured. For those who wish to do business in Pakistan producing MMA equipment than it is highly advised to go through MMA Pakistan as a channel to ensure success.

MMA Pakistan is committed to the sport of MMA and is proud to know that Pakistan is a leading global producer in MMA gear. We hold high standards for ourselves and expect the same from the manufacturers that we do dealings with.

More information regarding this to be detailed soon!



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