Paindu training vs. Scientific training

Workouts done in paindu fashion with focus on selected muscles and high protein diet only, is traditionally called and labelled as Desi or Paindu training. It can be seen till now in 21st century that most of the people in sub-continent are still following and doing historical paindu style training in paindu gyms. For these people, training is all about weight lifting with focus on having big arms (especially biceps) and eating very high protein diet. Whereas, scientific training comprises the latest training methods of body workouts in which focus is on perfect health, cardio endurance, flexibility, and total muscle strength in the whole body. Scientific training emphasizes on taking total diet not only protein intake. In each and every aspect, it can be easily concluded that scientific training is way better than paindu training because the systems offered by scientific training are scientifically proven and witnessed to be the best among athletes who are on top of their game. Such systems are:-

  • High Intensity Training (H.I.T); training that is designed to perform quality weight training repetitions to the point of temporary muscular failure. In order to maximize the amount of muscle fibre recruitment, H.I.T takes into account the amount of weight, number of repetitions, and quantity of time the muscle is exposed to tension. The fundamental principle of H.I.T is that an exercise should be concise, infrequent, and extreme. H.I.T exercises are performed with high level intensity to motivate the body to produce an increase in muscular strength and size.

  • CROSS FIT; training that is designed to combine power lifting, weightlifting, gymnastics, sprinting, medicine ball training, kettle bell training, rowing, even plyometrics and H.I.T. Cross Fit is a strength and conditioning brand which contends that a healthy person requires expertise in all ten physical skills; cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, power, flexibility, agility, speed, balance, accuracy, and coordination. Cross Fit athletes carry odd objects and run, row, jump, climb ropes. By using power lifting and Olympic weightlifting techniques, athletes repeatedly move heavy objects quickly over long distances. Cross Fit athletes also use gymnastic rings, dumbbells, pull-up bars, and many bodyweight exercises.

H.I.T and Cross Fit trainings are done in almost two thousand gyms around the globe and one of them is the “Synergy Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Academy”, which is situated in Pakistan D.H.A Lahore. “Synergy” is the only single fully equipped training club among exercise clubs in Lahore and all over Pakistan which offers systems like Plyometrics, H.I.T, and Cross Fit. Paindu body building gyms in Lahore and Pakistan offers only weight training programmes which only helps body builders, but programs offered at “Synergy” are not only designed to benefit athletes and MMA competitors, also to those who are interested in learning self defence, improve physical fitness level, lose weight, and gaining energy and focus. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training is the fastest growing training in the world and it accompanies methods like Cross Fit and H.I.T circuits that are the trademark of body fitness. This seems very strange that the training in Pakistan is from 1980’s, and now, despite of having availability of training methods like Plyometrics, H.I.T, and Cross Fit in Lahore at Synergy MMA Academy, majority of the people are still doing paindu training which is all about being a bollywood hero with a black jacket and bandana on a bike. Scientific training includes modern training methods and it is time for Pakistan to understand and realize.




  • <cite class="fn">Hasher</cite>

    I don’t know about referring to muscle-building gym workouts as “Desi” much less “Paindu”. This is the kind of workout being done in the vast majority of gyms in North America by an overwhelming majority of ‘fitness’ enthusiasts aka folks who want a beach-body or just want to strut around in clubs like weirdly shaped robotic bipeds.

    True Desi training is actually the fore-runner of the modern HIT and endurance workouts coupled with strength training. This is what has been carried out in “Akharas” and “Zorkhanas” (Pahlavani)for centuries as part of the Persian Muslim culture all across Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India. Since these zorkhanas were meant to complement a warrior’s skills with weapons by also teaching him unarmed combat, this was the ultimate combat training. Thus the greatest emphasis has always been on doing doing innumerable squats to build strength in legs coupled with strengthening the core of the upper body for grappling.

    • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

      You are absolutely correct. Some of the most desi training i.e kushti training is one of the foundations of effective conditioning for combat sports. In fact “combat conditioning” is a very, very famous book in MMA and martial arts circles and all the main exercises are Pehlwani ones. I think the author was trying to get peoples attention. The sad fact is most Pakistani’s think that proper training is the type of fitness training that dominated the west as it was in the 80’s and 90’s. Slowly, conditoning routines like you speak of as well as well crossfit and other training you see done by MMA fighters is becoming the standard worldwide and eventually pakistanis will need to realize this as well and there is no doubt it will happen.

  • <cite class="fn">A</cite>

    What would be an example of HIT

  • <cite class="fn">Umair</cite>

    I want to ask whether u give powerlifting training too or gymnastic kind of training. If u not please help me find a powerlifting gym in dha. Thank you.

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