BRAVE 17 Pakistan Results

A historic night in the history of Pakistani MMA has come to a close. Brave Combat Federation held it’s 17th event in Lahore, Pakistan on October 27th, 2018. Brave is the first international MMA event to come to Pakistan. The MMA community from all over Pakistan was there in attendance. Notably absent was the “Godfather of Pakistani MMA” Bashir Ahmad.

There were six matches with Pakistani athletes.

The first match was a contest between two Pakistani’s Abbas Khan and Sikandar Badar. Abbas Khan won via TKO in the first 14 seconds.

The second Pakistani match featured Najm Khan. Najm Khan has managed to win on the local circuit despite a disability in his legs in his childhood. He defeated his Afghan opponent via ninja choke in the final seconds of the third round. The opening round of the fight was exciting but as the athletes tired, the action slowed down greatly. However, the finish at the end made up for the slowdown in action and got the local crowd hyped up. Najm Khan is now 1-0 as a professional.

Next up was Haider Farman, Haider Farman has made a name for himself in Brave, and this is his third showing in the promotion. He defeated his Filippino opponent via ninja choke, making it possibly the first time in MMA history that two consecutive ninja chokes in two matches have occurred. Haider showed a well rounded and aggressive game and he furiously pursued the finish from all positions, standing, off his back and then finally from the sprawl where he applied the ninja choke in the second round.

Zia Mashwani put on a technical and impressive performance in his professional debut, showing himself to be an upcoming prospect in the next generation of PAKMMA fighters. Zia used varied striking to land more than his Chinese opponent and was looking like he was going to win on points, but was knocked out cold in the final seconds of the third round. We look forward to seeing him bounce back in his next outing.

Upcoming prospect Mehmosh Raza needed only 23 seconds to submit Arben Escayo of the Phillippines. Mehmosh has been living and training in China for this past year and is showing himself to be at the tip of the spear for the next generation of Pakistani MMA fighters, following in the footsteps of Uloomi Karim, Ahmed Mujtaba, and Waqar Umar. A series of wins against top-level opposition could cement Mehmosh as a legitimate high-level prospect in the future. He is still young and sports a 9-2 professional record now.

In the co-main event, but what in reality was the main event for the Pakistani fans, MMA star Uloomi Karim, took Jeremy Pacatiew of Team Lakay. Team Lakay has proven themselves to be something of a team phenom in Asian MMA. With current champions in multiples promotions across multiple weight classes, Team Lakay is arguably the hottest team in the Asian scene today. The fight between Uloomi and Jeremy may go down as one of the best fights in PAKMMA history. In the first round, Uloomi was nearly finished by strikes, but hung in and was able to get out of very dangerous territory. In the second round Uloomi found himself in positions to finish in grappling exchanges but Jeremy was able to survive. A close third round was punctuated by Jeremy dropping Uloomi at the bell and was what probably cemented the win for the Phillipino. All three judges scored it in favor of Jeremy Pacatiew. However, despite the loss, Uloomi’s stock has risen with one of the most entertaining fights in Pakistani MMA and a show of heart, will, and determination that can inspire a nation.

PAKMMA thanks BRAVE for making the efforts to come to Pakistan and help promote and build the sport.

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