Former UFC Pound for Pound king Jon Jones saved from the Grand Jury for now

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is out of the woods for now as he will not be facing the Grand Jury because the prosecutor failed to provide two key evidences in a 60 day deadline. Furthermore, the medical reports of the injured woman dispatched from the Albuquerque Police Department doesn’t bound Jones by the conditions of his release.

District attorney Public Information Officer Kayla Anderson told MMA Junkie, “We have requested a complete case investigation. Proceeding with the Absence of evidences can result in the dismissal of case altogether.” This means Jon Jones may have to face the Grand Jury later this year.

People didn’t like the fact that Jones was suspended from the UFC and stripped from his light heavyweight title, and now there will be a crowning of a new champion. However, the fate of Jon Jones has still yet to be tested. Lets see how the next weeks play out for the former champion.



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