MMA Fight to come?

One of the things I plan on taking advantage of while I am here is being able to fight in MMA. I have had three MMA fights before in Pakistan but I never really consider them fights that challenged me or gave me opportunities to assess myself and explore what I can do to make myself a better fighter.  These three fights have a total time of a little over 3 minutes with the first fight being the longest at 2 minutes something. If this was the UFC, these facts would be something to be proud of, unfortunately it is not the UFC it is Pakistan, a country where I introduced the sport 3 years ago. So based on that it is safe to say I have not fought a real fight in about 4 years, that’s over half of my total time training in combat sports.

So being here at Team Quest Thailand is giving me access to not only great training but a lot of opportunities to fight. I can not only fight MMA but also Muay Thai on the regular and a good fight against a challenging opponent win or lose is worth months of training. So I am excited tha I get this opportunity to grow even more as a fighter. The one problem however is, that fighting hurts and after a fight, if you got a fair match up there are good chances your going to have a few aches and pains that might take a few days to a couple weeks to get over and that take away from precious training time. On top of that you need to start tapering off before your fight, once again losing precious training time. So right now a big question I have now is, I am here for 11 weeks (well now there are 7 left), how many fights can I get in without sacrificing too much training and what is the best tradeoff, more fights or more training? It’s a real tricky question and one that is simply cemented an already growing assumption that I will need to come back here very soon for an even longer period of time. 11 weeks is simply not enough time to catch up on the years I have lost in self improvement from being in Pakistan, something I addressed in this post HERE.

So, I have a few options coming up for MMA in November and possibly December in Malaysia which I am looking at. I just need to make sure that the finance are there since through the lens of Pakistani Rupees, even the relatively cheap South East Asian airlines costs can cut into the savings account based on Pakistani rupees!

So, with that I am gonna leave you all wondering as I am as to what is to come. Just know that I am very excited to get these chances. On a side note, gonna make up for lost time by adding a lot more posts this week with a lot more pictures!

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  • <cite class="fn">Omar</cite>

    asalaamo alaikum wrwb,
    its very nice reading your updates and your experiences ,
    my suggestion would be get first fight asap as that is very important , rest can be decided after it.
    hope your training goes great .

  • <cite class="fn">Gohar</cite>

    awsome! Post more training videos 😀

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