One Spirit Martial Arts

Since I have been back in America after spending the past 16 months training Muay Thai in Thailand and checking out the Martial Arts scene in South Asia, I have been very much looking forward to training some MMA here since there have sprouted up some very solid teams in the Northern Virginia area.

My first stop was at One Spirit Martial Arts in Herndon. It’s been around for quite a while and is definitely one of the more established gyms in the area. They offer a whole range of classes from BJJ to Muay Thai to Krav Maga. I however, went in for the MMA class. They have MMA classes twice a week for an hour each on Monday and Wednesday.

I don’t know what the classes usually are like but the one that I attended was heavy on drills and circuits. The first 45 minutes of class consisted of a warm up and two rounds of circuits which I assume were 9 minutes per round since there were 9 stations.

The last 15 minutes focused on slipping the jab and responding with your own jab and then slipping the jab and coming in and closing the distance and getting to the back of your opponent.

The level of the students seemed beginner to intermediate and I didn’t notice there to be any one acting overly macho. Overall I can say it’s a positive learning environment.

So if your a beginner and want to find an MMA gym that can give you the basics and give you a good workout One Spirit Martial Arts is a good place to go to. However, if your thinking about competing or are looking to find a gym with some more serious athletes you may want to look around a bit more.



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