Pakistani Wushu and its development into MMA

Chinese Martial arts have always been a surprise for us as its history can be count back from many centuries. The term “Wushu” means martial arts in Chinese. In Wushu competitions,  take-downs and throws are allowed and you can use kicks and punches to strike your opponent. Wushu has mainly two styles Sanshou or Sanda (Sparring) and Taolu. In Sanshou or Sanda, form of Wushu Chinese grappling and Chinese boxing play a huge part. A fighter can mix up both grappling and striking to combat his opponent.

Sameer Khan-PFC 2
Sameer Khan at PFC 2

Now let’s get down to business, we have seen many MMA fighters holding a background in sports Wushu. Famous names include Eduard Folayang of Team Lakay Wushu in Philippines,UFC super star Cung Le and Xiao Yang Liu from China. These MMA fighters still do practice Wushu to improve their stand-up striking game for MMA.

In PAKMMA scene fighters such as “Hassan Sameer Khan” have consider the real deal as he has practiced Wushu since he was of a small age. He has fought two times in Pakistani MMA events organized by Pak Fight Club. He also represented Pakistan on international MMA event SFL 38 Pakistan vs India which was held at United Arab Emirates in 27th Feb 2015. His stand up striking is quite impressive due to his Boxing and Wushu training’s background. His Instructor named Zubair Khan is running the Zubair Wushu Kung Fu Academy in Landhi, Karachi, Pakistan. For many years this school of thought have produced many wushu fighters which competed in local and international wushu games and represented Pakistan with pride.

Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan’s Knockout

Hassan’s younger brother is also a reputed wushu fighter Maaz Khan. Maaz style of fighting is really focused on stand up game where he has managed to win many fights via Knockout in Wushu. Similarly another name for Paki-Wushu Fighter is “Alamgeer Prince Khan” from Quetta, Pakistan. He started his martial arts journey with Kyo Kushin then he switched to Wushu under Malik Iftikhar Ahmed of Punjab who is running the whole country Pakistan Wushu Federation. Alamgeer has also competed in local PAK MMA events and his record is quite known for his dominance striking. His Mixed Martial Arts team TDS Fight Club run by Master Chen has coached him for MMA fights.

Alamgeer winning Brown Medal in Pars World Cup Wushu Championship and Gold Medal in West Asia Wushu Championship
Alamgeer winning Brown Medal in Pars World Cup Wushu Championship and Gold Medal in West Asia Wushu Championship

Last but not least you can look into our Pakistan Wushu sports achievements many times we have captured medals for our country in different weight divisions: And I do see more upcoming Wushu fighters to be going to compete in PakMMA events.



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