Settling into Team Quest Thailand in Chiang Mai…

I’ve just finished up three days of training at Team Quest and so far I have had a good experience. The focus of the past three days however, has not been on training but simply getting set up and comfortable so that I can concentrate on training properly. So this blog is not so much about the training but basic necessities one needs if planning on coming here to train (food, lodging, transport, entertainment). The first issue of course was finding a place to stay and it was not difficult to find a place, in fact the real issue was deciding where to stay – I was looking at 2 story, 2 bedroom houses, luxury apartments, apartments and Thai style rooms. I ended up going with a decent studio apartment that is furnished and is new but basic. This is costing me 4,000 Baht per month. The other options were between 2,500 and 11,000 baht per month and all of them were within 5 minutes walk from the gym. For those who want a truly interesting experience there is a tent city at the gym where you can stay. I would be fine with that except I am not sure my wife would have agreed.

Since, I am particular about what I eat, I wanted to have some items in the room at my disposal. I also needed some basic household things. For that there is a Tesco (similar to a wal-mart) about 10 minutes walk away. From there you can get basic necessities for very cheap as well basic grocery. I got a blender for making my own protein shakes for after training and some brown rice and a rice cooker because I avoid eating too much white rice. On top of that it has a great food court where you can get meals for 1-2 US dollars.

So we’ve got food and lodging covered. For some people thats all that there is to be concerned about, however most people are going to want to enjoy some sort of down time in their days and for that there is a gigantic mall that is also 5 minutes away. Too most people this may not be that exciting but coming from Pakistan, this was a HUGE plus. Not that I am interested in shopping but they have a gigantic food with cheap and delicious Thai food plus numerous Sushi buffets for around 10 USD dollars. Aside from food there is a very nice cinema there as well. For other activities there are TOO MANY to mention here in Chiang Mai and just do a google search or check out the information on Team Quest Thailand’s page. But there is no reason you would get bored here.

Finally, before we move on to the training in the upcoming postings I will give you a sampler of the past few days. There are some great trainers here who have been put through a curriculum by the western owners so that they are teaching Muay Thai in DETAIL and not simply having you “kick pad.” The MMA instructor David Hullett has 30 pro fights and has shown to be a really good teacher who cares about having you learn. Its only been 3 days so we have only scratched the surface but stay tuned for more posting and more importantly, some videos and pictures!




  • <cite class="fn">Gohar</cite>

    Awsome! besides Muay Thai, do they have high class BJJ instructors?

    • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

      The MMA instructor who also teaches grappling is David Hulett, he has fought for 12 years. Very good ground skills.

  • <cite class="fn">E</cite>

    Sounds awesome. Food-wise, how hard/expensive do you think it’s going to be to continue to eat clean healthy? Also, going along with Gohar’s question, how’s the grappling instruction there and what’s the focus (BJJ, wrestling, etc.)? Thanks, and I look forward to reading more about your experience there!

  • <cite class="fn">Ali</cite>

    Will try to train where you are training right now . what are their charges?

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