Back in Chiang Mai

After the fights at Wat Chan two weeks ago I have been training very regularly and at a good pace. I was getting bored of the day in day out routine of training, eating and sleeping. Luckily, I have to go on a visa run and I have decided to spend a week in Cambodia. I will go check out Angkor Wat for two days and spend the rest of my time training at Paddy Carson’s Gym in Phnom Penh.

I leave for Cambodia on the 19th so until then I will be training at Kaewsamrit in Bangkok. I have trained in Kaewsamrit before 2 years ago but it was only for one session. I will be there for three days now and I will be living at the gym, so expect some good stuff. For those who are unfamiliar this is a great gym with a very strong reputation amongst the Muay Thai scene in Thailand.

Last night I came down to Chiang Mai to watch two people from True Bee Gym fight. One of the trainers named Saen, whom I have written about before and whom has fought in Art of War in China in MMA. He had a good fight and won on points despite like many older Thai boxers, not training at all for the fight.

The other fight was from a more experienced fighter from the gym who hails from Ireland. He’s had as many fights as myself and trained very hard for the fight. He fought against (as always) a more experienced Thai and immediately went after him in the clinch and was obviously tiring him out and nicking him with elbow after elbow. However, when he broke the clinch he let his hands drop slightly and got hit with an extremely accurate shot right on the chin. Perfect aim. It stumbled him and he dropped his hands even further and 5-6 more unanswered blows and he went down and was unable to get up for the count. A very good fight where he showed a lot of improvement but unfortunately just got caught, but that’s something that is to be expected in combat sports. Things can change very quickly.

So, anyway, I fly to Bangkok tonight and start training tomorrow morning. Look forward to writing about my experience.



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