Back to Thailand

It feels good to be writing about the same thing that actually was the mainstay of this blog from back in the day. For the ones that remember, this blog was mostly about my travels to Thailand and South East Asia, training in Muay Thai. Well, after almost two long long years, I am finally going back to spend the summer in the place that honed my skills.

Right now my mind is ablaze with things to do and what to pack. I am not sure if I should bring my whole training kit with me or simply buy stuff there…such difficult choices ☺

It feels good to be worrying about these things now instead of other peoples training for a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a coach. However, to be honest with you, I am not yet done being a student, nor will I ever really. We are students for the rest of our lives, even those of us who are coaches for a few hours. But I really needed some time to focus on me and my game and the things I need to learn and the things that I know already but need to improve upon.

This trip will be different, as I will be returning as a coach and a fighter whereas I was simply a fighter before. This new mindset is going to help me train more efficiently and intelligently. I’m definitely going to be much more focused on the teaching methods so I can bring them back to my own students at Shaheen MMA. To be honest, our training had been getting stale in my opinion and I really think this trip is really gonna revamp our training program, both for the fighters and for the new students.

So, first place I will be heading to is back to Legacy MMA and Muay Thai gym in Ubon Rachathani in the north eastern part of Thailand near the Cambodian border. You can check out the website here it is run by K-1 and MMA fighter Oles Laurson and is one of the biggest and most recognizable camps in the Asian MMA scene, being partners in the MMA promotion “Martial Combat” which features on ESPN.

So back to packing. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or give comments about this trip. This isn’t just for me, its for all of you PAKMMA fans too.

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