Pak Fight Club Inaugural Event

Pak Fight Club, Pakistan’s first MMA promotion held it’s inaugural event in Lahore on Saturday June 4th at Punjab Stadium. Pak Fight Club, which is run by the American Company Three Beards Promotions is credited with being the first MMA organization in South Asia to hold an MMA event in an international standard cage affectionately known as the “Paktagon.” The first fights started at approximately 8 pm and went on until almost midnight. There were a total of 16 fights with fighters from all over Pakistan representing a multitude of styles, areas and races. The excitement at the event was palpable with the crowd getting very, very much into the fights.

Teams and clubs that were represented was the S3 from Karachi headed by coach Gohar Gul, Fight and Fitness in Lahore headed by Shahbaz Ali Khan, Ultimate Fighting Academy in Lahore headed by Asif Rajput, Shaheen MMA Academy in Lahore headed by Bashir Ahmad, Team Pakido from Gujar Khan under Sensei Jalil Ahmad, Team Fight Fortress in Islamabad headed under coach Ehtisham Karim, Bhamma Pehlwan Akhara in Lahore headed by Nadeem Naeem, Wushu Federation of Balochistan, and the National Wushu Federation headed by Malik Ifthikhar.

As you can see this was the largest conglomeration of clubs from around the country to take part in this type of event. Gauranteeing the next event to be bigger, better with badder fighters! ☺

Fight trailer has been released and be prepared to receive a play-by-play account of the event. Fights will be released individually and will also be available later on as part of a DVD special with bonus footage. Tryouts for the next event are to be held July 30th in Lahore. More information regarding the tryouts to be released in the coming few weeks with the next official Pak Fight Club is set to take place in the fall.

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  • <cite class="fn">Bilal Khan</cite>

    What happened at the event???? who won and which club ruled the roost???

  • <cite class="fn">MasterChen</cite>

    Great Acheivment and Historical Moments of Mix Martial Art in Pakistan on 4th of June 2011. Weldone to all those directly and indirectly supported and make it happen. [masterchen]

  • <cite class="fn">imran</cite>

    u guys r getting amazing! great to see this growth!!

    on a side note, you need a tech manager of some sort, the videos/news/updates on both ur site and fb page are incredibly slow. with that in mind, will we be seeing full videos of this event any time this summer?

  • <cite class="fn">Ehtisham Karim</cite>

    Waiting for the trials… More guys from Fight FOrtress will participate

  • <cite class="fn">TALAL KHAN</cite>

    amazing i also wana participate in MMA fights. is it possible?? reply as soon as possible. m from MULTAN

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