Behind the scenes

Since Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan went online one year ago it has started growing and gained many more new members. The awareness regarding MMA in Pakistan has spread and there is now a core group of MMA Pakistan members.

Basically when this site started it was simply a blog telling my story of how I was/am trying to bring Mixed Martial Arts to Pakistan. The early blogs were very personal accounts of my day to day activities, be it visits to Pakistan or recounting my training and travel experiences. As the site grew it was time to give things a more professional look and feel and so the personal blog accounts were put on the back burner. Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan was becoming a proper, professional organization and so the website changed to accommodate the new direction. A focus on objective news reports, articles and information regarding training and different styles.

However, the drawback to this is that the PAK MMA fans are getting less information regarding what is going on behind the scenes and why. So to clear up any confusion regarding some of the information disseminated in the news section and to help the new fans understand a bit more of what goes into promoting MMA in Pakistan this personal blog is going to be a bit more active again
And so with that, let’s go to the first item on the agenda, that regarding Pakistan Warrior Challenge and Shaheen Smokers.

Because of the advent of the Shaheen Smoker, due to the availability of a proper facility it seems to be a better bet to use the Shaheen Smokers to polish local talent in these small events. The expectations and potential for PWC have gotten so big that it is not suitable to have a PWC that is haphazardly organized, with people unsure of who they are going to fight, people not understanding the rules, the list of problems that are faced due to the publics lack of knowledge (particularly amongst the masses) go on and on.

With the expectations for these events rising, from now on there are to be some guidelines before any PWC announcement, which must take happen 6-8 weeks in advance, once a fight card has been set (meaning fighters have committed themselves and matched themselves up). My decision regarding this was based on what was originally set to be a PWC on April 17th but was then switched to the first Shaheen Smoker. At this event, people who said they were going to fight didn’t show up, people randomly showed and said they wanted to fight, instructors from other schools were taking advantage of the lack of experience in event organization to bark orders at people and create tension amongst those who came to watch the fights, the list goes on. But despite of these set backs, it was a good event and those who came had a good time. But it was time to realize that because Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan stands apart from all other Martial Arts organizations in Pakistan with higher standards and quality in our image and presentation of ourselves. For this reason I decided to create the Shaheen Smoker and save the PWC events when I can promise the fans a phenomenal show. So for the time being, there is no scheduled PWC event until I am done setting up Shaheen MMA Academy and have gone through a few more smokers. Shaheen Academy should be fully functional in about 2-4 more weeks.

We will use Shaheen Smokers to give people experience and use the opportunity we have at these small events to personally reach out  to athletes wishing to participate in PWC’s the ettiquette and procedure that is required to be followed to run a smooth show (like weighing in, training properly, notifying MMA Pakistan before coming to participate) This will take some time.

So apologies for those waiting for the next PWC, but take heart in the fact that the MMA scene in Pakistan is about to up another level!




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