Shaheen Academy holds it’s first smoker!

Originally slated to be Pakistan Warrior Challenge II, the 2nd ever MMA event in Lahore on April 17th turned out to be Shaheen MMA Academy’s first smoker.

For those who don’t know, a smoker is an event that can be considered before amateur. They are full on fights but are meant to be so local clubs can get experience. They are usually small affairs with a limited number of fights.

Shaheen MMA Academy will be regularly holding smokers. They will be trying for approximately every 2 weeks. 1-3 fights per smoker.

Smoker events do not have to be only MMA but also boxing, kickboxing, wushu and grappling, although the focus will be on MMA.

The next PWC is possibly going to be in an 8 man tournament format, in the light weight category 65-70 kilograms. It will be held on Sunday May 16th.

Cash Prize  of 5,000 rupees to the winner. Tournament will only take place if 8 LW fighters are found. If this does not happen then PWC will be single elimination as before.

Next Shaheen smoker coming soon.




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