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Most bodyweight workouts end up making you lose muscle and strength. By ignoring that athletes have been doing simple bodyweight workouts for decades and have gained strength and speed while losing fat, there is a reason why boxing bodyweight workouts are better than ancient bodyweight workouts and i.e. “Boxers are fighters”. They train for a battle, so they have to get tougher and leaner without losing their agility and muscles. Following are the three major reasons that clarify “Why boxing bodyweight workouts are healthier than simple bodyweight workouts:”

First, there appears a ripped six pack abs that everybody nowadays desire for. By boxing bodyweight workouts, you achieve a perfect shaped set of abs that are not ordinary and enjoyable for showing off only, but these abs are “shield-like” and are meant for absorbing the pain from hard strikes. Second, these workouts get the shoulders widened and add size to the thighs. Instead of creating a V-shape (ultimate shape for men), boxing bodyweight workouts gives you the X-shape, which  is a real deal. Thick shoulders and thighs with thin waist not only make you look better, but it also helps you feel stronger. Third, you increase your strength and get  more powerful with these workouts. Many bodyweight workouts in the past have failed to produce ultimate results due to the absence of plyometric exercises in the training program. Boxing bodyweight workouts had plyometric exercises in abundance due to which you gain more power and get elastic muscles that every man wishes for.

Synergy Fitness & MMA academy in Lahore D.H.A comprises the most effective Boxing Bodyweight Workout programs which concentrate on burning large amount of body fat while gaining lean muscle. Focus is the actual reason for the difference between simple bodyweight and boxing bodyweight workout programs. In Synergy Fitness & MMA academy, boxing bodyweight workout programs focus entirely on making you stronger and faster while losing body fat at the same time. A mixture of aerobics, plyometric exercises, and muscle gaining sets creates an improved fat loss program that doesn’t cost the muscle loss.

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