Finally! Internet Connection!

Well I finally have an internet connection I can hook up to my laptop. I’ve been back for about 4 days now and the town is quite different in the summer time. It’s usually a small quiet town but it seems deserted now. Everyone and anyone who has time and money for a vacation is getting out of here.

What that means for me is that I am now left with only a couple students still hanging around. Regardless, they are lucky enough to be getting private lessons twice a day. What it also frees me up to do is concentrate on making a a short and concise MMA instructional in Urdu. I will post it on the site when I find a connection that wont take days to upload. The video will be short and will cover only the fundamentals on how to approach MMA training. For example I will not show specific grappling moves or punch combinations but rather will show people where to find grappling information or good striking info.

Most of my days have been spent reading, working out and planning for the next few months which should see alot of progress on all avenues towards making a viable MMA scene in Pakistan a reality.




  • <cite class="fn">Brucker</cite>

    Damn dude, sounds like you've got things down over there, congrats on the internet connection!

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