Interview with Shani the man behind Pak Champions

Pak Champions is the most successful facebook page of promoting Bodybuilders in Pakistan. The page has been able to score more than 900,000 likes. It started only 5 years ago and gained popularity instantly. With the success of the page, a website was introduced few months ago which got many body builders profiles and useful articles on diet and training. PAK MMA took an interview from Shani the guy who is solely responsible for the introduction of Pak Champions project. He has also helped in promoting PAK MMA on his page.

Can you give us your personal background?

My real name is Aamir Zaib but friends know me by my nick name “Shani”. I belong to Lahore Pakistan – Gulshan e Ravi. I was born in Saudi Arabia and currently I am working with Multinational Company CRCC in Dammam Saudi Arabia.

11041319_886329524779682_1758697349_n copyHow you got interested in body building? How long have you been in the field body building?

From the childhood I used to watch Arnold Movies and his Bodybuilding competition videos. My hobby was to collect pictures of bodybuilders and put them on the wall of my room. I used to remove my shirt and posed while standing in front of the mirror even in childhood. I started training in body building from the age of 18 and continued it till the age of 25.

Who are your role models?

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Yahya Butt & Masoom Butt from Pakistan Lahore.

What are your favorite gym exercises?

1. Barbell Shrug

2. Dumbbell Bicep Curl

For those interested in body building, can you give some tips or any advice?

Nowadays everyone is looking for a good physique. Everyone wants to become a bodybuilder in few days or months which is impossible. So they go for shortcuts which are very dangerous for their health. This is because new generation have no patience. My message for all youngsters is that if you are interested in bodybuilding then first you decide whether you want to be a bodybuilder or a fitness model. Bodybuilding is very time-consuming and expensive sport and you cannot make your dream to become a bodybuilder come true without good planning, diet, exercise and good instructor.

What inspired you to start the project of Pak Champions?

I started Pak Champions 5 years back and at that time I never imagined that this page will become the biggest page of Pakistan Bodybuilding.

5 years back there was no platform to get information about Pak Bodybuilders. There were hundreds of pages of Indian, American and other International bodybuilders but I was disappointed to not find even a single picture of any Pakistani Bodybuilder. Therefore I decided to make such a platform where I can introduce Pakistani Bodybuilders. After the success of Pak Champions page, now MashaaAllah I can see hundreds of Pak Bodybuilders profiles and fan pages.

11076212_886330108112957_200169354_n copyTell us more about your project of Pak Champions

Pak Champions is basically a platform for free promotions of Pakitani Bodybuilders. I introduce thousands of Pakistani Bodybuilders from all around Pakistan and also International bodybuilders that belong to Pakistan.

I got more than 900,000 Fans on the facebook page which I believe is a big achievement for me because I am running this page without any support. I am getting hundred of messages daily and all the fans are asking to add their pics because they believe that they can get famous through Pak Champions page. After the interest of fans I started my website

What major challenges have you faced while promoting Pak Champions?

I am still facing many challenges because I don’t have much support. Some friends are helping me out for getting latest updates, pics & videos. I even tried many times to contact federations to make me part of their team so that I can pay my full attention but I am sorry to say that I didn’t get any good feedback.

What hurdles you see in promotion of MMA in Pakistan?

The main hurdle I see is that Pakistan Government is not providing support to any other sport except Cricket.

Fighters need good diet, exercise, supplements and good instructor all which is very expensive for any fighter or bodybuilder. Majority of fighters are working 12 hours or more in a different field to make their ends meet before they can come for training. In such circumstances how long any athlete will be able to continue their training.

What advice would you like to give to PAK MMA?

My all good wishes and support for Pak MMA. I am always ready to promote them even I asked Bashir Ahmed to make such plan where we both can work for PAK MMA.

MMA doesn’t mean street fighting where any body can do any thing. Professional MMA also follow rules to protect fighters during fights and for this all youngsters have to contact professional trainers like Mr.Bashir.

Any message for PAK MMA lovers?

Fighters need love and care which is very important and I believe MMA lovers will not leave following MMA Sports and will continue showing their love and support for it.




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    you such a great job i really personally appreciate your effort about bodybuilding techniques and updates about our national heroes… keep it up may Allah give you success more and more ameen….

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