Pakistani Wolverine opens MMA Gym in Quetta

Ahmed Mujtaba also called Wolverine by many people because of his resemblance to the character in terms of appearance as well as the fact that he has never been defeated in MMA fights (5-0-0). Moreover he got silver medal in Pakistan Grappling Challenge 2014 after defeating Waqar Umar and Bronze Medal in Inter-University Wushu Championship held by HEC. PAK MMA took an interview with him asking about him as a fighter and about his new club in Quetta.

Can you give us a personal background of yourself?

I was born 21-02-1993. We basically belong from the Punjab side but quite past ago we were settled in Quetta as my Grand grand father were here. I am being brought up in Quetta from date of my birth by my caring parents who really love me. Then for 7 years we shift to Islamabad and now I am back to my home. I did Olevels, Fsc and currently I am doing Bachelors in Computer Sciences.

How you got involved in MMA and why you choose MMA over other combat sports?

tumblr_n19iim5hXi1tnxk4ao1_500 copyI am such a super crazy guy who tries to get into something that is always dangerous. When I was young I watch action movies plus WWE. Sometimes I felt that I am in their world. But had to control because I was living in a family. This journey starts in Islamabad where I met Faizan my team mate who told me that he is training with Sir Ehtisham and its like super real fighting stuff as you saw in movies. I left my class and went straight to the TFF club. I choose MMA as its always been my passion to join this type of sports which gives you spiritual and healthy source of life. Comparing other sports with MMA to be honest this game need balls and I knew I am a Man who is built for this crazy game. MMA is a full package where it gives you to lose your anger and anxiety . At the end of the day you feel relax and fresh. Apart from this it keeps you fit and up to mark, For these reasons I think MMA is top of the list in all games.

Tell us about your training, how long have you been training and in which styles have you trained?

Its going to be 3 years as I am a family member of Team Fight Fortress. At start I was like an empty shell I was having no background other than street fighting skills. I have trained in MMA, Bjj, Wushu, Boxing, and Muay thai. I have worked hard in each class of MMA. Morning time was spent in University then later to TFF club , sometimes when my pockets were empty I walk to my club covering 3 to 4 sectors, whether is it raining or a strike.

What does it mean for you to be a fighter?

I really feel proud of myself that I am a fighter. I never thought of that people will really follow me and one day will come that I am going to have fans.

You have an awesome record of all wins and no losses. What do you think made it possible?

First of all its my parent DUA that lead me to the straight wins. After that my hard work that really paid me off, behind the picture its my coach who really boost my moral up and made me a BEAST. My coach is like a Father, a friend and a true loving person. keeping his hard work and happiness in my mind never let me to lose a fight. Strong point of these possibilities include that in all of my fights I had a belief in my strength, techniques and hard work.

Do you like to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?

Well, it really depends upon the situation . Mostly I like to take them to ground where I do their fine makeups.

What’s your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?

I got many but favourite one is knee to the head or RNC.Untitled-5 copy

Fighters have a tough training schedule. How you are able to keep balance between your studies, MMA training and other aspects of life?

That’s a good question. At start it was really tough then I managed it accordingly. I complete my all homework in university when ever I get breaks. Doing grocery stuff with mom was on Sunday morning. 6 pm till 9:30 pm I was lost in my training. Sometimes I felt angry when guests come around this time and I have to buy the bakery stuff , lost of time really makes my face red. I never attend marriages or events that were on the day of my training . I really wanted to go but my craze for MMA was high and its still the same

Can you tell us about your club you are going to start in Quetta?

Currently I am studying in BUITEMS University. I intend to give a start from here as we got good space for training along with talented guys. I named it ‘MARKHORE’ because people of Quetta are Markhore’s , they are wild, crazy, and good thing about them is that they make impossible situation to a possible one. Currently we are having a famous personality Sir Mahmood and Sir Masood. I have given an invitation to a boxing coach as well. As you know there is no good enviornment in Quetta , high risk and people stay home rather enjoying their life. I am working on it to make it stable.

Why you thought of starting Markhore in Quetta and can you explain why you named it “Markhore”?

I really want Quetta fighters to go outside from this city and see what’s going on. I want them to fight those people who are at peak level. There is much talent hidden in Quetta , linking them up with PAK MMA and other orginizations would shine the name of PAKISTAN. Here we have no sponsors or good source that would give them a plat form to show their skills. Naming it MARKHORE is because these guys really want to eat their opponents. chewing them up plus its our national animal too.

The gym is opened to both males and females. Are there gonna be separate classes for females or will they be training with the guys?

Yes there’s gonna be separate classes for females and males.

LOL, If I allowed them to train together its going to be like I am setting a bomb for them. I wish I could train them together but environment around is not safe and people feel bad training together. In this matter Quetta is far behind they need exposure.

1517638_504341239685936_1067644812_n copyYou are quite young and have a promising fighting career ahead. Don’t you think by working as a coach will put your fighting career at stake?

No I don’t think so, I never thought of that. I want to help people , for now I got these skill and I want others to be a part of this era, I am giving myself proper time to get train , at the club I am training them Its about managing the time. I am running two trains at the same time.

Who do you see as an inspiration in MMA?

I see Bashir Ahmad and Ehtisham Karim. These 2 people are my inspiration. They have really worked hard and have given a frutifull outputs to this community.

How has been your experience of PAK MMA? What is the scope, opportunities and challenges for PAK MMA in your opinion?

Its been a good experience of PAK MMA. As we all know it’s new in Pakistan , time by time its catching its value. It’s one of the good platform where a fighter gets good coverage. One can show his skills over here and can be at good hands. Every where we have challenges , ofcourse Pak MMA should bring up on some good events which should be highly sponsored where a fighters get good handsome amount for their fights, it must be covered with the media coverage so that people sitting at home should know that this thing is also going on in Pakistan.

Other than fighting and MMA, what are your hobbies?

I play football and basketball. I really love to cook, making different dishes with my mom. I love to sketch what ever comes in my mind. Watching movies in free time or hanging out with friends, Playing fifa with my young brother Ibrahim who really punches me hard . Shopping keeps me happy and praying namaz makes me up to the mark.

Where do you see yourself and your club Markhore doing in 9-10 years from now?

I see myself at the level of ONEFC and UFC. It’s my dream to fight over there and INSHALLAH I will because I know I have that firm belief in me and I am going to make it possible. Looking over to Markhore it will give good fighters in output to this sports.

What message do you want to give to PAK MMA Lovers?

Guys train hard,give all best you can just go for the kill. Always have a strong belief in yourself , think about your hard work and difficulties faced . Love each other , show sportsmanship and try to do something good for this community, Think for what you are sent here , stay on the right path , love your parents and listen to what they say. Remember ALLAH whenever , wherever you feel the pain or in a trouble , surely help will be there, Eat well, sleep well and train well . #ouss

Team of PAK MMA wishes Ahmed Mujtaba and Markhore MMA all the best and hope Markhore will be bringing out league of X-Men fighters in PAK MMA.

Photo Credits: Umair S. Fazli Visual Works, Photography by Riaz, Nauman Shafique Photography



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