PAKMMA Bulletin 1

Welcome to PAKMMA’s first weekly update, where you get news of what’s happening in the world of MMA. We’re going to give you a quick breakdown of what went on in international MMA, Asian MMA and of course – Pakistani MMA or as we like to shorten it to – PAKMMA.

We will always start with news from the Pakistani front, and we welcome all our members, fans and affiliates to please send us your news. Don’t worry if you think it’s something small, you may not know, we may include it in the weekly PAKMMA bulletin!

Uloomi Wins Muay Thai Debut


PAKMMA standout fighter, Uloomi Karim from Team Fight Fortress recently competed in and won two Muay Thai bouts in Thailand. Although this is somewhat older news, since this is our first update we honor him as being our first PAKMMA relevant news that we give to our readers.

Uloomi is currently training at Phuket Top Team and will be returning to Pakistan next month. His trip was sponsored by the Diesel Diva, a growing brand and patron of the Asian MMA scene. Big thanks from PAKMMA to the DD!

PAKMMA Seminars Conducted in Northern Areas by Ehtisham Karim

Uloomi’s coach and older brother Ehtisham “The MMA Preacher” Karim is on a seminar tour of the Northern Areas of Pakistan where he is conducting training seminars at various martial arts schools in the region. Familiarizing these schools with the rules and training methods of MMA will ensure the spread of the sport and lay another brick on the road to making MMA a mainstream sport in Pakistan.

Afghan MMA Fighter Baz Mubariz wins at Full Metal Dojo


Afghan MMA is closely tied to Pakistani MMA and the two countries are brother nations for MMA. Afghan MMA star Baz Mubariz was also in Phuket this weekend where he fought Swedish fighter Kristoff Peterson. Using his wrestling skills, Baz controlled the fight on the ground and got the win via unanimous decision. Baz represents Team Diesel Diva, which has sponsored all his training and fights.

In international MMA here are some links to the biggest stories of the week.

One week away from ONEFC’s historic foray into Dubai! This is the closest that ONEFC has gotten to Pakistan, with Dubai being the closest and most concentrated hub for overseas Pakistani from all parts of Pakistani society. Unfortunately there will be no Pakistani’s on this card, so it is up to YOU the PAKMMA fans to let ONEFC know we want to see more Pakistani fighters on their cards! The more active the MMA community in Pakistan is, the more likely we are to have our fighters picked up for fights in the big leagues overseas.

The UFC just finished up their August 23rd event in Macau, China where Michael Bisping finished Cung Le in the 4th round and Royston Wee, Singapore’s first UFC fighter and corner man for Bashir Ahmad at ONEFC 8, wins against his Chinese opponent via decision in a back and forth match that saw Royston show his well rounded skills and heart.

That’s it for this weeks PAKMMA bulletin! Please take a look around the site, register your gym, register yourself if your a fighter and send us your ideas for articles or things you would be interested in reading!



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