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I was really looking forward to training at Phuket Top Team for a number of reasons. One is that I love checking out new gyms to train at, I have trained at least 20 different Muay Thai/MMA gyms across Thailand, in every corner of the country and I love seeing what thing brings to the table. Two, there was a lot of hype on the internet about PTT and it looked like very legit hype, not just some fabricated BS. Three, it was located in Phuket, somewhere I have spent many months training so it would be good to get back there and hang out in my old stomping grounds. Oh, and finally, my Pakistani brother in arms in MMA, Haider Qayyum seemed to have a lot of friends and training partners training here so that kind of sealed the deal.

Immediately after arriving in Phuket I went to PTT’s office and got my bearings straight regarding accommodation, transport and training. I wanted to stay at the off site accommodation they had listed on their website, the rate was 2,000 baht per week, for a brand new room, with TV, fridge and AC. I also got a motorbike for a week at 900 baht for the week, which is a very fair price. Often times the camps will charge their students way too much for things like motorbike rentals so it was nice to see that I wasn’t being taken advantage of from the get go.

The MMA area is in an air-conditioned hall with very nice mats. Not puzzle mats like you will often see in Thai camps but a continuous vinyl covered mat area similar to what you would find in an actual MMA ring or cage.  The walls are covered in padding and there are posters and signs with inspirational quotes and pictures of fighters all over. Kind of random but I have to say how much I loved the black mats against the red wall mats. Looked great!

The outside or Muay Thai area has a ring and is surrounded by a variety of bags. In this same area is where all the strength and conditioning takes place and it’s a great set up with all the stuff you see high level guys training with, tires, battle ropes, kettle bells, the whole nine yards. I’ll get to that later as well.

I trained the next day and by the end of the afternoon session, it actually hurt to pee. Phuket Top Team has 4 classes a day, two in the morning and two in the evening back to back with at least one Muay Thai session. I did Muay Thai in the morning, followed by Sambo and then in the afternoon MMA followed by Muay Thai. Each class is an hour and a half and to me that seems perfect. The classes are small enough that your not wasting your time doing 10 rounds on the bag before hitting the pads so your training is nice and compact and you pretty much get everything in that you would in a 3 hour session without the boredom or mental fatigue.

So instead of boring you all with a super long post, I am gonna end here and break up the different classes into separate posts.




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  • <cite class="fn">Tristan</cite>

    Great blog. Its good to see mma booming in asia.

    I am planning a trip to PTT and have booked the off-site accommodation you stayed at. How were the offsite rooms? (the pics on the PTT site are too small to really see)


    • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

      The offsite rooms are top notch. I suggest you stay at a place called Baan Yui. 2,000 baht per week and its brand new.

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