Sinbi Muay Thai

Like, True Bee Gym in Pai, I have a long relationship with Sinbi Muay Thai. I have trained here for a total of at least 6 months and I have fought for this gym more than any other gym, a total of 4 times. I won 3 and I lost 1. Like True Bee this gym has played a huge role in shaping who I am as a Muay Thai fighter.

Recently, Sinbi Muay Thai has garnered a lot of attention in the Muay Thai camp network for their signing of the world’s top pound for pound Muay Thai fighter Saenchai.  From what I have heard it created an additional rush of foreigners wanting to train there. However, please take note that Saenchai is not a trainer, he’s not going to be holding your pads, but you can watch the worlds most technically proficient Muay Thai fighter prepare for fights.

I had trained at Sinbi Muay Thai last almost 3 years ago before I left to go check out other camps. So it was going to be interesting to see how things had changed – my conclusion, not much at all. Training is still top notch. No point in boring you with the exact training schedule but it’s pretty much the same your going to get across any legit gym in Thailand, run, jump, shadow, bags/pads and then maybe some sparring or clinching depending on the day.

So I’ll go over the things that usually don’t run standard in every camp.

First of all is the facility. Great facility, two really nice rings, about 20 plus bags, puzzle mats on the floor instead of rough concrete and a small but high quality weight training area. It’s got everything you would need and it’s not toy store quality, proper equipment.

And the instructors are great as well. I can tell you one thing, is that Sing (the owner) doesn’t keep crap instructors, whether they are terrible coaches or terrible human beings, Sing will not hesitate to cut them loose if they don’t perform.  You may not get a trainer that is a perfect fit for you, but you are going to get a good trainer.

The most popular trainer is probably Pot, he has been at Sinbi since the beginning and the guy is amazing. He is on my top 3 list of trainers I have personally trained with extensively and can vouch for as being all that they are hyped up to be. Another such trainer as you may have heard me bring up before is Ae from True Bee, now at Chai Yai. Oddly enough both trainers are also really good people, don’t drink or womanize and are really into training others and being with their family’s. Speaking of which, you will also see Pot’s son, Nut running around playing Muay Thai Super Star around the camp, very cute kid and if his passion for the sport continues he could be a potential champion in the future.

Training is 300 per session, 500 for the day, which is standard for Phuket. Rooms are available onsite however, like anywhere else in tourist friendly parts of Thailand there are plenty of options nearby for varying prices and quality. Food, well I won’t even go there cuz you would have to be either blind or retarded to not find a place to eat nearby.

Overall the area the gym is located in – Rawai is probably the best spot in Phuket right now for those people who want to everything available but don’t want that ridiculous hustle that you get in places like Patong or Kata.  Compared to those two Rawai is still a village, if you were here 5 years ago it was literally a village but those days are gone. So you better hurry up because in about five years time you can kiss the quiet Rawai life goodbye as there is some serious development going on at the moment

In the end, this is a world-class gym that has earned its reputation as a favorite amongst foreigners coming to Thailand wanting to improve their Muay Thai. If you’re unsure about where to train for pure Muay Thai this should definitely be on your list when making your decision.




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