Shah “No Pain” Hussain

On September 19th, in greater London Shah “No Pain” Hussain steps into the cage against Will Jackson at Pro Kumite at 84 KG. There will be many other fighters across the world fighting that night including the UFC but something sets Shah apart from the rest which makes him very interesting to Mixed martial Arts Pakistan.

Shah is one of Pakistan’s few Professional MMA fighters. Living in England Shah has been competing in professional MMA for 3 years. Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan was lucky enough to catch up with Shah before his fight.

So you have a fight coming up. Do you know anything about you opponent?

Yes this is a re-match, I beat him last year via rear naked choke 4min 45 sec of first round, and since his loss to me, I heard from someone he’s been spending time training in UFC fighter Kenny Florian’s Gym in the states, and has recently come back from a lengthy stay in the USA with another camp. He is obviously taking the fight seriously, likewise I take every fight seriously, no matter if Ive beaten an opponent before or not, I wont let my guard down as anything can happen in MMA. I don’t really care what my opponent has been doing, main thing is that my training is to the highest standard. It’ll be fun and games!!

How have you trained for this fight? Done anything different? Describe a typical “day at the office”?

I’ve been training 5-6 days a week for the fight, and as fight time approaches 6 week mark, at times twice a day, Ive concentrated on conditioning and cardio and Ive been really good with my diet, they say ‘you are what you eat’ a typical week in the office say 6 weeks before fight time would be mon am- cardio pm MMA, Tues, am-cardio pm BJJ, wed, am-sparring pm-cardio, Thurs pm-weights (one week light to heavy, one week heavy strength training) Fri- am sparring pm- conditioning. Sat- pm MMA Sun- am Boxing. before the 6 week period I would be training 4 days minimum. And one day will be swapped as total rest day. And with work commitments my schedule does tend to change, but my core exercises will always be completed, being strength, stamina, speed, cardio, technique, even yoga helps me.

How do you wish for the Pakistani MMA fans to see, what do you want to come to their mind When Shah Hussain is mentioned?

What I want MMA fans mostly to see is Mixed Martial Arts in its true form, I want them to see its not two guys just beating each other up senseless, but I want them to see and understand the technical aspect of the sport i.e. positioning, attack, defense, etc. and that there is so much more to MMA than what is portrayed in the media and by the critics. When my name gets mentioned, I want Pakistani MMA fans to see that I am giving something back my own people, and that its been through sheer sweat, blood and tears, I want them to think if Shah ‘No Pa in’ Hussain can do it, so can I!.

Any training tips to aspiring fighters?

My training tips to any aspiring fighters is to train, train, train, You will only get better by training, you must work on all aspects of your game i.e. stand up and your ground game. Even though Im a fighter fighting in MMA, I am still learning, being a fighter isn’t about having a name as a Cage fighter, its about trying to improve your game, as no one, even UFC fighters will admit that they have mastered MMA. There is so much to learn, don’t just work on your strongest aspects, but more on your weaker ones, get a good balance between stand up and ground game including take downs/wrestling. And you must spar, it is difficult at first, we have all been there, but sparring is extremely essential for fighters, change your sparring partners, and spar with small guys and guys who are heavier than you I spar 5×5 minute rounds after doing all my pad work and technical work and will even grapple afterwards. Take your time and don’t rush, we are all different and our bodies work at different paces. You will only learn from experience, good diet and correct amount of rest is also essential. Remember ‘Train Hard, Fight Easy’.

Thanks for your time Shah!

MMA Pakistan wishes Shah the best of luck for this fight and we will keep you updated on the results.

Shah will be the first fighter fighting MMA under the MMA Pakistan banner and we hope all of you give him your support as he goes out into the cage and represents us all. No doubt you will be hearing more about who Shah Hussain from Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan in the future.




  • <cite class="fn">fahad rehman</cite>

    good luck shah….i hope i see u soon in ring….(if i got lucky)..

  • <cite class="fn">Anonymous</cite>

    Thank you fahad, keep in check with Pak MMA and you'll be sure to see some om my fight footage very soon.

    Kind Regards


  • <cite class="fn">abdullah mohammad</cite>

    wats ur fightin style shah?? anyways good luck !

  • <cite class="fn">Shah</cite>

    my fighting style? Id say my fight style is MMA as that is what Ive competed in, Im looking to do more grappling competitions and som K1 bouts in the near futue, just to see how other areas of my game have improved or not.

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