Shaheen Smoker F.A.Q

What is a ”smoker” event?

When you’re training in MMA you eventually want to test your skills. Often fighters enter amateur events to get a better understanding of where they stand. But what if you’re not ready for an amateur event, and you have already sparred with everyone in your gym. Then what you want is a “Smoker” – an event in which different schools and gyms pair up and have their students test themselves. This is the perfect solution to test your skills and see what competition is out there.

What are ”Shaheen Smokers”?

Shaheen smokers serve the same purpose, they are designed to introduce new fighters to a professional environment without the pressure and hype of one. Inviting players from other gyms, schools or clubs to test their skills in not just MMA but almost all form of combat sports, be it boxing, submission grappling, muay thai/kick boxing. Shaheen smokers have even introduced mixed rules, catered to the specific needs of different fighters which include but are not limited to, MMA rules with the exception of strikes on the ground, Kickboxing with standing submissions etc.

The first Shaheen Smoker took place on April 17th 2010 at Shaheen MMA Academy, the event saw fighters from different styles of martial arts competing against each other in a ring with a small number of spectators. The event gives fighters the experience and confidence necessary to participate in professional events without the possibility of  performance anxiety.

Who can participate in a Shaheen Smoker event?

Shaheen smokers are not just  for poeple who train in MMA or martial arts, they are for anybody and by anybody, it means literally anyone. Are you a street fighter who likes to brawl in clubs?,do you watch the WWE and think you can take on other guys?, are you a body builder and think no one can beat you?,then come on down to a Shaheen Smoker and test out your skills in a safe and professional environment where at the end of the day its all about the fighters and the audience having a  good time. In order to make sure you get a fight just pre-register yourself after the date of  the event is announced on facebook, twitter and on

Where do Shaheen Smokers take place?

Shaheen Smokers originally took place at Shaheen MMA Academy and Elite Fitness but with Shaheen MMA Academy merging with Synergy Fitness, the smokers now take place at Synergy Fitness, which is just 1KM from the Shaheen Academy location. For complete address and contact information visit .

What happens on the day of the Shaheen Smoker?

A typical Shaheen Smoker day starts of with the participants(fighters) getting weighed so as to ensure complete fairness if the fight has been agreed to happen in a particular weight category. Match ups are announced and the rules of the fights are explained depending upon the proposed match ups by the fighters, after which the fights take place.

Can I get injured if I fight in the Shaheen Smoker?

As this is a combat sport, minor injuries like cuts and bruises occurring in a fight are common, although strict measures are taken to ensure fighter safety from any long term and life threatening injuries by the organizers.

Can I come just to watch the fights?

Yes you can, the aim of MMA Pakistan is to promote the sport of MMA throughout each corner of Pakistan, your presence will resemble the success we have made so far, to show your support also bring your friends and everyone who is interested in MMA.

Which is the best place to train if I want to train for a Smoker?

Depending where you are situated, for Lahore, the best place to train for a smoker or any MMA event is Synergy Fitness.

I have some more questions, who do I contact?

For further information please call 0334-4137706.

To watch fights from previous smokers click here.




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