Student Profile

Omar Saeed was born on March 3rd 1992. His nickname though is Snobar and is known by everyone by that name. He started training in Martial Arts 3 years ago at a nearby ground in his small town in Pakistan. He started in Tae Kwon Do but has also done Drunken Monkey Style Kung Fu. While he was training he was told that there was good training available at Nasir Fighting Club at the nearby community sports complex. He trained there for approximately a year and a half. It was at that same club that I came and started training the kids in Mixed Martial Arts. He has always been interested in the fight game and saw that this was a little different. He has now been training for over a year and a half. He wishes for MMA to become famous all over Pakistan and wants to help spread the knowledge of this sport throughout the country. He also wishes to become a successful fighter in the future.

Omar has been a big help for me throughout my ventures into spreading MMA in Pakistan. He has always kept in close contact with me and has taken it upon himself to lead training for all the other students while I am not there. He is a very well rounded fighter and has an interest in the ground game as do most of the students I teach due to the novelty of it. He is a very smart, tactical fighter and will most definitely develop into one who uses brains over brawn.

As for recent news, I will be fighting on the 13th of July. This will be my 7th fight this year. I am having a rematch with my last opponent and I am looking forward to this fight more than any other that I have ever had. He is the best opponent I have ever had and it felt good to hold my own with him. This fight I plan on knocking him out, wearing him down and knocking him out. Knocking him out is the easy part, if something big connects, I am sure I can put him away. Wearing him down will be difficult because he is a boxer in his prime and these guys are always in great shape. I do not feel I can win a decision. His kicks are too fast for me to block everyone at this point in my training and I am much slower than him in my own kicks and so he will most probably win the point game. I don’t care about points though, I just want the knockout. My prediction for this fight is knockout in round two or loss by decision.



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