To Pakistani’s wishing to help with the Project

I’m extremely happy with the progress that has been made since I launched the site. I have created a central online area where people can link with myself and in turn each other, Pakistani’s interested in Mixed Martial Arts can now stay informed about what is going on and I am getting regular emails from Pakistani’s living in Pakistan, America and the U.K. These emails are always very enthusiastic and the sender always wants to know what they can do to help out and what they need to do to fight for their country. Unfortunately after a few weeks the emails stop and I never hear from the person again. It’s unfortunate that progress for Pak MMA is going to be so incremental because I think it’s frustrating for people who want to help out and don’t see immediate results. The results will come. They already have, and everyone needs to remember that there are highs and lows and sometime you get as much progress in a week as you do in a year. Patience and consistency is the key.

So, to all those who have contacted me wishing to help and then got frustrated or forgot about what we’re trying to do, get back to me. It will be worth your while. And to anyone who has seen this site and has been following the blog and wishes they could take part in something like this. You can. Just contact me. The project can only benefit with having as many people as possible interested in MMA Pakistan get involved with me and create the vast network of Pakistani’s that are needed to make this thing a success.

So keep reading and those who are training keep focused. The time will come sooner than later.




  • <cite class="fn">Waqas</cite>

    Hey bro!
    It's really amazing to see a fellow Pakistani working so hard to spread MMA in Pakistan. I've always been a die hard fan of the mma world. I would have loved to be an mma fighter but due to age and work it's not possible anymore. I still go to a local MMA training center (Lion's Den few times a month to keep in touch. I am moving back to Pakistan in December 09 inshAllah! I am really excited to be a part of your MMA movement and I'm sure Pakistanis will eventuall fall in love with this sport!

  • <cite class="fn">Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan</cite>

    I am sure they will too. Send me an email so we can link up, if your interested in helping out.

    Where do you live now?

  • <cite class="fn">Waqas</cite>

    I am currently in the US (Phoenix, Arizona)

  • <cite class="fn">haroon jilani</cite>

    hi. this is really a great initiative and i believe that all mma enthusiasts and other fighters would be very much interested in helping to promote such a sport in pakistan where we have so many devoted fans.

    i would really love to be a part of this and please let me know if there is any way in which i can contribute and help. (my email is given below)


    haroon jilani

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