Super Pro Samui

Super Pro Samui is where I originally planned on doing all my training for the week that I was going to stay on Koh Samui. However, those plans changed when I found out that the MMA instructor was going to be gone for a couple weeks and that MMA classes were to be student led and only on Tuesday and Thursdays. Couple that in with the fact that Super Pro has the most expensive per day rates on the island I decided to check out one class and then go onto to the other gyms on the island and get an idea about all of them, which in the end turned out to be a good idea for this blog as it gives you guys a lot more insight and information about training on Koh Samui.

First of all, Super Pro has a very, very nice facility. Hands down, the best facility on Koh Samui. The gym has two parts to it. One is a large open matted area with bags and the second part is where the gym is, which btw has a great array of weights to use and where two rings and a cage are situated.

The training is 400 per session, 600 per day and then a huge discount of 2,000 per week.

I arrived there for the afternoon session and guys were doing hill sprints in front of the gym. Anyone who like me did not have proper footwear to run in jumped rope in the open area with the bags.

After that the “official” class got started and took that time to head over to the cage to see what was going on.

Pretty much it was a group of Swedish guys who trained MMA at home and were at Super Pro to work on Muay Thai while keeping their ground game sharp with a few training sessions a week. They were doing an open mat sort of thing. I came in and asked if I could join in and soon after I was rolling with one of the guys and getting creamed! I put up a decent fight but this guy was good and it had been a long time since I had been toyed like this. Turns out the guy whose name is Martin Svenson is a top ten ranked fighter in Europe out of Sweden known for his ground game.  I did a few rolls with him and then did some take downs with another Swede who was absolutely massive. After that I decided to call it quits and go do some Muay Thai since I was more interested in formal instruction than just open mat training, particularly since I had paid good money for one session, I had to make sure I was gonna get my money’s worth.

Pad work was good but nothing to really go into detail about. Wasn’t a job, cross kick waste of time. But was 3 rounds of good quality pad work with a good trainer. Same as you will get in a lot of camps in Thailand but nothing that blew my mind.

Lifted weights, stretched and I was gone.

My final assessment of this place is that this a really good place to train overall. The level of the guys there was pretty high and everyone was pretty serious about training, no tourists who just happened to drive by and decided to give it a try. Everyone there was interested in competition or taking their training to the next level.

Facility is great and if you pay by the week, its a huge bargain.

All I can say is that if you are looking for a personal experience than this may not be the place for you as there were about 30 students training and the gym as a whole did not have that family feel to it.

Overall great place and one you need to check out for yourself.



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