Pinyo Gym

Lamai Muay Thai on Monday, SuperPro on Tuesday and on Wednesday I headed to Pinyo Gym, also by Lamai Beach. I will tell you upfront that this ended up being my favorite gym during my time on Koh Samui. Great training and a great atmosphere.

When I went into the gym I immediately felt the same type of acceptance and camaraderie that I felt going to True Bee gym. In fact Pinyo gym touts the fact that even after one training session you become part of the family. I really felt this and actually read that on their website AFTER training there and getting that vibe.

Apart from the great vibe, the training is also top notch. The head trainer and owner Pinyo is a mad genius. One of the sessions I came too he was teaching everyone seminar style about reactions to kicks and the intensity this guy brought was something I have not seen from a Muay Thai instructor. He really, I mean REALLY wanted the students to learn and learn well. He was pacing around, dripping in sweat looking like a crazed cross between Richard Simmons and Mozart who happens to be a Muay Thai machine. Definetly one of the best instructors I have come across in Thailand and I have experienced many. He’s like that one professor you had in college whose class everyone wanted to attend. The guy is good. I promise you that.

The training is typical of any Muay Thai camp. Skipping, shadow boxing, pad work, clinch and calisthenics. Some of the other things they seem to do is a technique class three times a week in the morning and sparring three times a week in the afternoon.

My trainer  for most of the time there a guy named Lek, one of the most motivating trainers I have ever had and made me want to push myself really hard, really lit a fire under me. He really gets into the padwork and is constantly making you work not just in the sense making you do a million kicks but making you react and counter etc. I honestly have to say that I had my hardest pad work sessions in Thailand with Lek. If you see him let him know “Somchai” says hello. He looks kind of like Dan Henderson just in case 🙂

The rounds are three and half minutes long with 3 rounds on sparring days and 5 rounds on non sparring days.

The training is 300 per session with no daily rate, something which I hope they change and the weekly rate is 2500 which is substantially higher than Lamai or SuperPro which both have a 2,000 baht rate for training. However I personally would not mind paying that little extra to be a part of a gym where I am getting treated as a member of the team rather than some guy paying money to do his pad rounds. After the first time I trained here I knew I had found my place to train in Samui.

Definitely without a doubt, in my opinion the winner for best camp to train at in Samui. For more info, you can check out their website



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