Take On NY

This weekend I went up to NYC to corner my friend Hiro Perera for his 6th Muay Thai fight. I have not been to New York in a long time nor that often for that matter so I was just as excited to check out the big apple as I was to watch Hiro showcase his skills in the ring.

We left Virginia around noon and made the 5 hour trip north. As we entered New York i could feel the history and sheer size of the city before me. For an American city this place is old and this place is really big. It’s always a good time to visit such an iconic place. The buildings were old, industrial and brick brown with graffiti everywhere. The drivers were rude and every few blocks it was a new neighborhood. Passing from black sections to Puerto Rican sections to Chinese sections, New York is a truly multi-cultural city.

We arrived at the theater where the fights were to take place and it was unlike any other Muay Thai show that I have ever been to. The venue is normally a Korean night club that was rented out for the night to host the fights. The carpet was nice, there were couches with shiny embroidery, a nice lighting system. A big change from the gritty venues I had been used to fighting in, in Thailand.

The fights started at 7:30 an hour later than they were supposed to but thats to be expected at these smaller shows. I have never been to a show that has started on time so I wasn’t exactly expecting anything different for this one.

The fights were good. North Eastern United States has alot of good Muay Thai gyms and it showed as almost all of the fighters showed the proper Muay Thai style. Often you go to a show dubbed Muay Thai but in the end looks like a kickboxing tournament. The vast majority of the fights looked like actual Muay Thai fights, with Muay Thai stance and techniques. The fights were all competitive and there were no mismatches. Overall great card.

My friends fight however did not go as expected. Not that he didn’t win, he won by TKO in the second round, thing is he won because his opponents shoulder got dislocated. Not quite the win that he wanted. However in the two rounds that preceded the incident he was looking strong and relaxed and you cold most definitely tell that he had improved as a fighter and in the end that’s what matters. Not being better than someone else, but being better than your former self.

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