MMA Pakistan welcomes you to the new Website!

Please take a look around and don’t mind the mess. This whole thing is still under construction.

This site is designed for the martial arts enthusiast, casual fan or those interested in using martial arts training to help them achieve the level of physical fitness they desire.

We hope this site can serve to educate those interested in Martial Arts on the different styles available. For those who want to build a better body or use the latest techniques by MMA athletes to get better at their respective sports.

The site will also serve as a database and promotional tool for the top fighters from Pakistan. Anyone who wishes to compete in MMA competition and has a solid background in ANY style is welcome to be considered for promotion by MMA Pakistan. We hope to offer all martial arts players a way to make money from their hobby so that they can train full time and not have to worry about being distracted with jobs they do not like when their real passion is competing in Martial Arts.

Due to the need for more content on the site we are looking for writers who are interested in helping out MMA Pakistan. If you would like to write about your personal Martial Arts style or any style that interests you please submit your entry to, only entries that are properly written will be accepted. Do not submit an entry that looks like a text message. Academic standard writing only.



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