Training at True-Bee

Just a little bit of info on what some one can expect at True-Bee Gym. I’ll outline it in my typical day so far.

I wake up between 6 and 630 am to the sound of three kids waking up to get ready to run and clean the gym. I crawl out of bed and I am running by 6:30-645. There are a lot of hills around Pai and a nearby temple that has 400 steps. So my running alternates between doing a long slow jog around the town which is pretty flat or jogging to the temple or a hill and doing sprints. I get back to the gym around 7:15 or 7:30 and start skipping for about half an hour. Most people show up around 7:30-7:45 and do the same. Around 8 o’clock is when training officially starts and everyone gets called up into the ring for a quick warm up and stretching that lasts about 10 minutes.

After that everyone gets their hands wrapped. The hands are wrapped a little differently from what I am used to in that they fold over the first half of the cloth a few times to make a thick pad on the knuckles. Once everyone is wrapped, everyone goes through a few basic combinations, counters and techniques that can will be used later on the pads.

Once all that is done, the pad work starts and everyone not hitting the pads is free to shadow box, or hit the bags.

Rounds are not timed and so more conditioned students will get longer rounds and newer students will get rounds based on their fitness level. Some days they get straight to sparring or practice a number of techniques one at a time on the pads for an hour. Sparring is done about twice a week and technique days once.

The sparring is technical and the trainers will go with everyone and so a farang/farang sparring round is rare but happens especially when there are lots of people. It’s good to spar with the trainers because they really adjust their level to yours and so expereinced fighters are gooing to get a challenge while a beginner can feel confident that they aren’t gonna get their face smashed in.

On some days (3-4) times a week there will be clinching after the padwork. This goes on for about 15 minutes.Once training is over, everyone gets in the ring to do ab exercises and usually number at least 200.

Anyway, thats training at True-Bee in a nutshell. Obviously it doesnt differ too much from other camps. The differences in these matters can really be explained unless one already has expereince training in Thailand.



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