A few things

This is just to let everyone know that I haven’t forgot about the blog. The posts are being spaced out a little more than usual but that’s because I am now staying in one place and JUST training. It’s been exactly one week since I arrived at True-Bee and I already feel much better in my Muay Thai. I am training twice a day every day and my body is doing well. I still live in the gym and I have decided to stay there. I am enjoying the camaraderie of staying with all the trainers, and when I mentioned that I was going to move to a bungalow, no one wanted me to leave, especially the kids, they find me very interesting to have around, not to mention that they get to play around on my lap top.

Just to let you know in the coming weeks I’ll do some profiles of the trainers here along with how I am progressing in my training for my fight which is pretty much confirmed for the 18th. I will be fighting in Chiang Mai at Thae Pae Stadium. What I can say so far on my progress is that my cardio is improving everyday and I would actually feel not too uncomfortable if I had to fight this weekend. I can’t in anyway say its the best but it would be manageable for five rounds if I paced myself. Technique wise I am also improving everyday but unfortunately technique is one of those things where as you get better you realize how little you know. So although I know I have improved I actually feel like a crappier Thai Boxer than I was a week ago.

So anyway the battery is running out. But I promise I will write up a good post in the next couple of days.



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