In brief here are some of the latest updates regarding MMA in Pakistan, South Asia, and the world.

Today February 21st in, Sector K Defense Lahore, from 12 – 4 pm there will try outs for the upcoming amateur MMA event on the 28th of February.

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan paid another visit to the largest Akhara in Lahore and discussed MMA and kushti. Video of the visit to be released shortly.

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan also got a chance to sit down with trainer and former champion Shafiq Awan at his club in Model Town Lahore where the competition on the 28th is to be held. Video of that visit to be released shortly as well.

Yesterday the Ultimate Fighting Championship held a show in Sydney, Australia. Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan will do its best to show HL’s of that event.

Before the event Dana White in a press conference mentioned that the next three countries for the UFC are China, South Korea and India. Lorenzo Fertitta (One of the Owners) will be going overseas for the next three weeks to work on getting a TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) season in those countries.

UFC 112 will be held in Abu Dhabi. Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan will be attending and reporting on the event.

Fite Selektor updates to be announced within 2-3 weeks by mid March.

A new academy is opening up in Lahore called Shaheen MMA Academy. This will be the first fully functional training center for all Martial Arts in Lahore and home of the first MMA team in Pakistan. Website and more details to be up in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks for the support! Thanks to those who follow the website and pass this info along to their friends MMA Pakistan has grown beyond all expectation in record time!



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