Why Should I Pay for taking Martial Art Classes?

comics-amazingsuperpowers-karate-362724 copy copy_eAnswer to this question was given by Karate Sportinstituut OOMS which was as follows:

What you think you are paying for:

– Being taught to kick and punch.

What you are actually paying for:

– A Life Coach
– A Psychologist
– A Mentor
– An Inspirer
– A Supporter
– A Friend
– A Problem Solver
– A Stress Reliever
– Being encouraged to believe in yourself
– A Personal Trainer & Dietician
– Strength, Flexibility, and Weight Loss
– Being taught Personal Victory
– Someone on call for you, 24/7
– Someone who encourages you and your children to have Respect, Patience, Humility, Discipline, Perseverance, Empathy, Courtesy, Listening Skills, Loyalty, and Self-Control just to name a few
– Being taught how to work hard and enjoy life
– Being held accountable for your actions
– Being encouraged to set goals AND to reach your goals
– Someone who helps you build emotional strength and mental stability
– Someone who will hug you when you are down, pick you up when you’ve fallen, remind you of your worth, and stand by loyally when you feel like no one else will
– Someone who teaches you to stand up to bullies
– Knowledge, Wisdom, Martial Arts Training, Opportunity, Training Equipment, and a safe Dojo to train in, and someone who puts their heart and soul into you.
– Someone who has spent their entire life in training to assist you

Still think you are paying too much for your ‘’Kicking and Punching’’ class??

Would a doctor, lawyer, plumber, carpenter, dentist, chef, mechanic, dressmaker, shop owner, or psychologist offer all of the above for free in addition to their regular service that they charge for?

The bottom line is the person running the gym or giving off martial arts classes has worked too hard to reach that place and the coaches are playing so many roles in your life that you cannot imagine. All the good services come with a price and teaching martial arts requires a great deal of expertise.  So you got to pay for the usage of that expertise. The facility or gym where the martial arts classes are being offered isn’t wasn’t build up by itself. Money is required to pay its rent, buy and maintain equipment and pay the people working in the gym. Being friends with the owner or staff in the gym is no excuse for not to pay the fees. Business is business and you have to pay for the services you are using. So please if you are using any gym or taking martial art classes, remember to pay your fees on time.

Happy Training 🙂



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