Yuth Pan Gym

So my last post was about Pinyo Muay Thai, in my opinion the best gym to train Muay Thai at in Koh Samui. Although I loved the place there was still one more gym that I needed to visit. It’s between Lamai and Chaweng beach and you will see it on the top of a hill on the left side if your heading towards Chaweng. It’s a brand new gym called Yuth Pan and its situated on the inside of hillside, in fact the back of the gym is not a wall, but an outcrop of rock so it sort of feels like your training in a cave. They also have some weights in the back but they are not of good quality nor much variety at all. Kinda like the set up you get at crappy hotel “fitness centers”.

That’s about where the positives end because if Pinyo Gym is at the top of my list, than this place is on the bottom. I went there for the morning session to find out that they don’t do any pads in the morning. All they do is jump rope shadow box and hit the bag. Now you can do alot with that if you have a really good trainer guiding you, but no not at this gym. The trainer was terrible and didn’t even show the future potential that the trainer from Rose Gym (also a new gym) Chang had. This guy was stuck in his ways and those ways were not worth the money you pay to train here. He offered no advice while I was shadow boxing or hitting the bag and thats because he was so impressed with my skill level. I guess he assumed he had nothing to teach me which is totally wrong. All it means is that he is by no means a stadium level fighter nor a trainer. I did not even get the guys name. After my crappy morning session I came by in the afternoon because I figured it would be worth checking out the pad work before passing any judgment.

The padwork was all he same. In fact he gave me two punch combinations to repeat over and over again. Jab, Jab, Cross and Jab, Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross and of course the mandatory kick at the end. And he wasted my time like this for 15 minutes without offering a word of advice or throwing a single kick at me to even block and counter. Couldn’t even hold pads securely so that you would at least get that popping sound when you hit it properly.

Place was brand new and when I talked to the owner he was kind of embarrassed with the training that was going on and kept telling me how he was going to get new trainers.

Anyway, if it remains the way it is I don’t know how it will stay in business. If your curious, try out an afternoon session and let us know. But otherwise, it’s in your best interests to stay away from here.




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    I can surely recommend thailand. For those who want to loose weight you can always try Thaiboxing. I have trained here in Phuket for a couple of weeks now and have lost approx 6 pounds all and all.

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