7 Ways YOU can Help Promote MMA in Pakistan

Every few days we get emails from individuals asking “what can I do?” or posts on our face page asking if there is a training center in such and such city. So for everyone who is interested in bringing MMA into the sport scene I have made a list of what you can do to help out.

1. Hold a fight night

UFC events air live on Show Sports 4. Invite your friends, have snacks and just sit back and enjoy the fights. Simple easy and fun. If you don’t want to get up at 8 am, then download the fights burn them and watch them later that night.

2. Promote the website

Spread the word about the website through internet forums and word of mouth. For those with even a bit of knowledge about MMA, knowing that there is something going on to bring it to Pakistan may set the convert them from casual to die hard fans. For those already training at a school tell your instructor about the website. Remember we are here to promote ALL martial arts. Tell your instructor what a great business move it would be to be profiled on the most viewed site regarding Martial Arts in Pakistan.

3. Bug your local Martial Artists

Call up or visit your local Martial Arts school and ask them if they offer MMA classes. Ask your friends to do the same. Hopefully after seeing that there exists a demand, local martial artists will start looking into what MMA is and offer classes.

The problem of course will lie in the quality of classes, but we all have to start somewhere and because MMA is a competitive sport, charlatans claiming to teach MMA but have no idea what they are doing will be exposed. MMA by its very nature will provide an evolution.

This being said remember ALL arts can provide the tools needed to fight in MMA competition. Remember, MMA IS NOT A STYLE, it is a competitive format but in order to be successful in MMA competition you must master all ranges of combat. Once Pakistani Martial Artists get that part then the Judo instructor will also add in some strikes to make his Judo more effective and the TKD instructor will start teaching take down defense to make his TKD more effective etc etc.

4. Write for the website

The more articles that the Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan website has the more often it will turn up in search results and hence the more exposure the site will get.

We are accepting articles on a whole range of topics. here are some ideas.

– You can go to a local Martial Arts club or boxing gym and do a review

– You can write about a style your interested in

– You can write about some aspect of Martial Philosophy

– You can write about a current event or tournament relevant to Martial Arts or boxing in Pakistan.

– You can write about a certain aspect of physical fitness or diet or include a workout program

The topics are endless. The only criteria being that any entry submitted should be at a certain standard. Articles written as if they are a text message are a no go. Send any articles to info@pak-mma.com.

5. Give DVD’s to your local DVD shop or demand MMA DVD’s

Go to your local DVD shop and ask if they have the latest UFC. When they say they don’t, ask them why the heck not, it’s one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Hopefully the DVD owner will look into stocking MMA DVD’s.

You can also burn them a copy and give it to them so they understand what your talking about.

6. Start your own club

This is probably the best thing you can do to promote MMA in Pakistan. As long as you have an internet connection and a love for the sport of MMA this is possible. You do not have to have a black belt to get some friends together and practice techniques that you get from this website (we’ll be including many of them soon) or off of the thousands of instructional clips available on youtube.

Even better, get videos and pics of you training along with an address of where you train at with times and you can become affiliated with MMA Pakistan. What that means is that your local club (even if it is 2-3 friends) will get listed on the website, get mentioned regularly on the fan page and will receive promo items from MMA Pakistan.

As the website and organization further develops we will have instructor courses available where you can come get certified.

This is not only a chance to do something you love, promote MMA in Pakistan but opens the possibility of having an extra source of income if you start getting a large enough class to warrant a proper school.

7. Send us your training pics and videos

If you are already a member of a club send us videos and pictures of you training. If you want to give back to the clubs that have taught you martial arts what better way then putting them out there and getting recognized.

These are just 7 ideas. There is plenty more you can do. it’s up to all us to work together to get MMA Pakistan off the ground. With some patience and teamwork there is no end to the success MMA Pakistan can have.




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