Grappling seminar being planned for ISB mid June

A grappling seminar is being planned for Islamabad in mid June. Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan will be working with the The Dragon Society of Pakistan, and Jacky Chen to host an open to all grappling seminar in the coming weeks. The seminar will focus on the submission fighting aspect of grappling as one would see in arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Seminar will cover both Gi and No-Gi techniques as MMA Pakistan understands that not all students will have access to the proper Gi which will limit their training. Further information regarding the seminar including exact dates and costs associated with attending the event to be released in the coming days.

The seminar will also serve as a recruiting point for any one wishing to be part of the Fite Selektor reality show that is to be possibly held in the coming months. Please note that due to current state of Pakistan, a timely date for Fite Selektor cannot be released nor confirmed until a few weeks before the event.

For inquiries about the event and any further information please email




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