Jiu-Jitsu: A family activity?

It doesn’t take a lot of research to know that the family unit is becoming more and more separated in the present. This is mostly because though technology has us more connected we are now more alone than ever before.

Setting that as the pretext I would like to focus more on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and how it can bring families together; in effect acting as the equivalent of the “family dinner at the table” of a time not so long ago. All over the internet there are pictures and videos of parents enjoying BJJ with their children and at times their grandchildren! Looking at that huge chunk of evidence just like THIS ARTICLE I thought it was time for an article of my own.

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Photo Credits: Shuraryu Jiu Jitsu

A fact that I keep touting is that any and every martial art is primarily focused on self defence. But unlike others, in terms of BJJ the focus is equally split between self-defence, sport/games, fitness and fun. All parents want their children to be safe and yet be able to defend themselves. In Pakistan in particular martial arts are mistakenly believed to encourage violence and BJJ is considered to be vulgar (due to its full body contact) by the population at large. Children also want to be safe and independent. The point that most people in Pakistan fail to see is that Jiu-Jitsu satisfies all their requirements and wants in one fell sweep.

Everyone (boys, girls, men and women regardless of age) can benefit from and be successful with Jiu-Jitsu. Children can play it as a game, learn to defend themselves, and remain fit all at the same time in a safe environment which satisfies the requirements of parents in terms of safety and lack of injuries for their child. When parents get involved in the activity too, they can even spend time with their children, this then becomes one of the major factors that ensures familial togetherness. They can do an activity together, have time to bond and yet compete against each other if that is what they want. After all teens are globally known as rebels.

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Tanaphong Khunhankaew with his daughter Photo Credits: Tanaphong Khunhankaew Facebook page

Sometimes parents will take their kid to their own jiu-jitsu class for so long that the child’s curiosity peaks and join. At other times parents taking the child to a jiu-jitsu class become intrigued and decided to become a more knowledgeable coach for their kid. I have personally seen both cases and though some may disagree it is a fact that it is hard to watch a dojo/room/hall full of people training martial arts (read BJJ), for very long without eventually wanting to try it out for oneself.

When the whole family does Jiu-Jitsu together, there is always something to talk about; last roll, next competition, next event, new technique, newest promotion, etc. There is always something to relate to; everyone will get the reference to context every family member is going on about. It won’t ever be a drag to go on vacations together, always something to talk about or do or watch or maybe even go to the same tournaments.

By all accounts, this is most true for couples who train together. In non-Pakistani cases:
‘Inevitably your Jiu Jitsu practising (significant other) is going to insist that they try out a move on you. You realise that if you don’t learn to love this martial art, your relationship with this person is probably doomed because of their obsession. Every time you go to hug your (better half), they will be vying for double underhooks or some strange sequence of positioning that you do not understand. Sometimes they may even inadvertently go for the submission win and eventually you will find yourself saying: “I should really learn how to defend that.” ‘

On a personal note, trust me it works in terms of siblings and parents as well!!!!!

In the BJJ community there is a saying: The couple who trains together, stays together. They enjoy their time together and share a vast commonalities. Everyone eats healthy, lives a healthy lifestyle and lives a happy fit life ever after. Just look at

                      Mackenzie Dern and Tanquinho,                        Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry               & Andre Galvao and Angelica Galvao!!!!

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                   Photo Credits: www.graciemag.com                     Photo Credits: www.cagepotato.com             Photo Credits: girlzbjjlifestylez.weebly.com

I urge you to consider BJJ as a family activity for sport, for fitness, for bonding, for fun, for family. Do you know of any families like the Gracies? Are you a family like the Gracies ? A family where everyone (or almost everyone) practices Jiu-Jitsu!

Meanwhile keep it real, keep it playful and keep on rolling. May the technique be with you!

This blog has been taken from Shuraryujiujitsu.blogspot.com written by Syed Momin Zaidi.



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