Other Pakistani Martial Arts videos

After viewing a number of other videos on Youtube by other Martial Artists in Pakistan I got to thinking about where I want to take this site and the whole conception of Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan. The whole idea of Mixed Martial Arts is that all styles have something to offer for all ranges of combat as is said in the recent video we have put out. For this reason I am going to start devoting more attention to the different styles of Martial Arts in Pakistan that are practiced in Pakistan with the idea that by sharing our information and knowledge and by giving full respect to each individual art we can build a stronger more cohesive MMA community that supports each other within Pakistan. For this reason in the near future as I may start branching out on post topics and try to steer the site into being a site for all things Martial Arts in Pakistan.

That being said here is a video from Jalil Martial Art Academy. Not too much action mostly ceremonial stuff as is the case with most of the videos I have seen making most of these academies suspect as to where their priorities lie. That is one of the problems that I have seen in the Pakistani Martial Arts community, the leadership is far too preoccupied with certifications and testings instead of focusing on international level quality.



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