I have been getting a lot of emails from people interested in whats going on with Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan so I am gonna write a post that everyone can go to to get some of the frequently asked questions answered.

The most frequent question I get is about the training center in Lahore.

First, there is no training center in Lahore at the moment. There are PLANS which should come through to start setting something up and have things up and running by SPRING 2010.

A note about the plans for the training center. This training center will not be focused on making money by holding classes for fitness. The focus will be on training full time FIGHTERS. That doesn’t mean people can’t come in a couple times a week and train. Of course they can but the focus is going to be on people who can stay at the center full time and train. Pakistan’s MMA scene needs this in order to break into the international circuit as fast as possible. This training center is not gonna be glitz and glamor. Chances are its going to be very basic and spartan.

For people who want to train in the meantime, I suggest finding a place that teaches boxing (LUMS has a class as does Model Town Sports Center), Judo (as long as they practice Randori or free sparring) and Kushti at a nearby Akhara (many can be found in the old city or full contact Karate.

Other Martial Arts such as Kung Fu, Wushu, Tai Chi etc, although very good martial arts, may not be practical for MMA or real life situations. It’s not that they are bad, but the manner in which they train does not promote practical fighting reflexes. Anyone is free to discuss these topics in the discussion room on the facebook page.

Second, I am currently in Thailand training Muay Thai. I will go back to the US in the next few weeks to work on some stuff for MMA Pakistan and will return to Pakistan in December. When I arrive I will be working on MMA full time and will be available at times for private training.

I am sure more questions will come up. I don’t mind answering them. Stay updated and keep training.




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