Progress so far with Sunwarrior

So it has been more than three weeks since I have started using Sunwarrior. All I can say is that while everyone has been getting sick around me in this miserable Lahori winter I have managed to stay illness free. Maybe I got lucky or maybe SunWarrior has something to do with it. In fact I am pretty much guaranteed to get sick every year, there is so much smog and dust in the air and so many people coughing and hacking that it’s pretty much guaranteed to end up sick at least once. But not this year so I must say that that’s great. Considering that a lo of Sunwarrior products, Activated Barley for example have immune system boosting properties I have to give this stuff some credit although I have no way to verify for sure that this is why this has been the first winter where I have not yet been sick.

I am feeling great in my training, have not done a repeat of my 1RM is the three major lifts, but I will probably do that a week or so from now. One thing I can say is that my recovery seems to be much better than before. Once again that could be from the immune system boosting properties of a lot of the Sunwarrior products.

Finally, one thing I have to say is the stuff tastes really good. Shockingly good in fact. It does not taste artificial or chemical like, the taste is smooth and pure. It’s quite amazing for a supplement to seem just like another tasty ingredient in my smoothies.

Overall good progress and I hope to see some more dramatic results int he coming weeks!

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