I have been waiting for my package of Sunwarrior products for a few days now and expected it to come some time next week but it came a week earlier than expected and I have to say I am very excited!

Having been an athlete for a number of years, I have tried lots of supplements. I stick to a few basic ones year round, mostly natural stuff, spirulina, bee pollen and fish oil are my mainstays. Aside from these, I have tried many different proteins, green supplements, NO2, preworkout formula, post workout, from benign sounding “100% Protein” to the “SUPER SAVAGE MONSTER MATRIX” sounding type of stuff with lot of chemicals, a lot of jargon and crazy packaging that look like fireworks. So I was very happy to see something like Sunwarrior out there. I follow the raw/organic/whole/health food movement. I am really into learning about natural supplements, herbs, minerals, etc that can have a safe and profound effect on health and performance.

I am gonna put this stuff through a test over the next 8-10 weeks and see how my general health and physical performance change over this period.

I am gonna do a series of workouts over the next few days while I am in my baseline. At this time my physical fitness is good but great and not where it should be. I am hoping that Sunwarrior can take me to that next level. But before that I am going to use a number of crossfit workouts, weight lifting PR’s as a way of monitoring any improvements over the next 2 odd months.  I will also take measurements of some of my vital stats, including cholesterol, resting heart rate, blood pressure, and sugar this weekend.

So day one of Sunwarrior here we go.



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