Saying Goodbye

I leave for Thailand tomorrow. Another stage in this journey is to begin.

Yesterday I said goodbye to my main students. The ones who not only shined the most in terms of skills but the ones who truly were committed and believe in what I am doing. They have advised me on the best way to approach the establishment of Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan. They were there to affirm that I was going to be successful. I never have had any doubts that I will be but it is nice to see young Pakistanis stand with me with the same resolve as I have. This core group I have are the ones are going to be part of the first generation of Pakistani MMA competitors. These are the guys who are going to pass on the knowledge and spread the word of this sport and way of life.

When I came to Pakistan last year I took a group picture before leaving. I keep that picture with me at all times. Before I fight I stare at that picture and burn into my mind one of the main reasons I am fighting. I’ll post that picture in the next few days.

I fight for many reasons, I’ll write about it later at some point. But one of the reasons I fight is for these guys. They have put their faith in me and I cannot let them down. My success in the ring and/or cage is linked to the success they will have as players in the MMA world.

In a little bit I will post some of these guys profiles so everyone can get a real grasp on the human element at work in all this. This is my last post that I will write from Pakistan for some time.

Next time you hear from me I will be in Ubon Rachathani, Thailand. See ya then.



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