Getting Ready to Leave

I have three more days until I fly out to Thailand. I am excited and sad at the same time. I am excited to leave because I am not getting the train I need over here. Other then the three weeks I spent at Tigers Gym in Nasik, India ( my workouts in Pakistan have been very limited. I am sure to get my ass kicked in Thailand for the first two weeks until I get back into the groove of things again. I will be traveling to 4-5 different places in Thailand to train and see some old friends. For those of you interested in possibly training in Thailand in the future I will give you some of my opinions regarding camps although there is a great website out there focusing exclusively on that topic called

I will continue to be in touch with all my guys and guiding them on what to train and how to train. I will also be in contact with my good friend, (brother would be a more appropriate word), Danial Isaac who runs Tigers Gym in India to give you the latest on the MMA scene in South Asia. I’ll also let you know whats going on in terms of the bureaucratic front regarding the making of the MMA Federation in Pakistan.

My last few days here I am just going to start packing and dwelling on what it is I need to do and focus on for the next 6 months. I am going to give my guys a sort of “farewell address” to keep them motivated and hungry to train. The hardest part about this whole thing is not teaching the kids. Its instilling in them the confidence that they can teach themselves and get better even if I am not there. That’s what I have been trying to drill into their heads since I got back from India a few weeks ago.

Anyway, to anyone reading this, PLEASE, PLEASE go to any forum you are a member of or join one and spread this blog PLEASE! As awareness grows, so will the results. Thanks Guys.



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