Shah Hussain to fight Oct. 24th in Ultimate Challenge UK -Dynamite

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan got a chance to pull Shah “No-Pain” Hussain away from his busy training schedule to give a message out to the Pakistani Fans before his upcoming fight.
“I’m fighting on Ultimate Challenge UK -Dynamite show this Sat 24th in the Semi Final of the Middleweight Grand Prix event. My opponent is Abdullah Hamdan, who is of Lebanese Nationality. He’s a striker, has a similar MMA record to mine and has a Muay Thai background. My preparation leading to this fight really has been a bit out of the ordinary this time. I’ve had a few personal issues to deal with and my general workload etc just happened to pick up drastically. Not good when you’ve got a fight on Europes biggest MMA promotion! Personal issues aside, I can honestly say that my training hasn’t suffered as much as I thought it would. I am in awesome condition, my diet has been good, I’m injury free, my weight is spot on and my confidence is high, I think for the first time I’m fighting on anger. Not because I have anything against my opponent, but more from life’s natural headaches.
This from an MMA prospective can be a good thing. Sometimes events in everyday life, frustrations, setbacks etc can actually produce positive results when controlling and directing that negative energy, in my case this energy will be released in the Cage! but always controlled. Believe it or not sometimes guys over psyche themselves before a fight and actually end up gassing (getting out of breath) as soon as the Cage door shuts.
In a nutshell, Im looking forward to fighting on Saturday and the way I see it is…. ‘theres one guy in my way in getting into The Final of the Middleweight Grand Prix in December, he’s trying to stop me from achieving my goal…I will be in that final. Im always positive, regardless of the outcome….fans of MMA Pak watch this space!”
We’ll have the results as soon as their up. If you have Sky Sports please check your local listings to see if you can watch the fights live!
Shah Hussain, you have an entire nation behind you!




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