The next few months

This is a blog about MMA in Pakistan. It’s also going to be about a lot more. It’s not going to take place only in Pakistan. I am going to guess that for at least the next two years I will not be in settled in one country for more then 6 months at a time. Although my focus certainly will, what I am doing at the moment will not always have to do with MMA in Pakistan. By that I mean, I will not be training people in Pakistan every single day of this blog. I will be travelling and training myself. It is imperative that I get better if I am to be of any use to Pakistan. So some of these blogs are going to be about me in other places in the world training in some form of combat sport. Other times I may be writing about what I am doing in terms of setting my own brand of gear. I need to make money somehow so I can support myself while pursuing my dreams. Sometimes I may write about the nitty gritty paperwork or beaucratic headache I will go through in creating federations or establishing rules for competition between myself and other local martial arts schools. Other days might be something totally different but the focus is always going to be in the creation of Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan. I just don’t want anyone to think “I thought this was about this guy training kids in Pakistan, and he’s writing about how much his shins hurt from training in Thailand.” Trust me, my aching shins in Thailand, will be releveant to the story thats Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan. So anyway, here are general ideas of where I will be next.

A week from now (March 24th 2009) I will be in Thailand training in Muay Thai although I might do some MMA training at the camps that offer both. I will be in Thailand until early August where I will head back to the States for a bit. A few months after being back in the States I hope to leaving again for either Brazil or back to Pakistan and India.

There are some other plans I have going on but they are not confirmed. I only want to give you the information which is pretty much 100%.

Anyway, I have gotten into this blog and I feel my entries getting better. Let’s see how I feel a few months from now. I am having more fun writing this than I originally thought. As more people keep signing up its only going to give me more motivation.

Right now I am in Lahore. My Grandmother is not doing so well so I am coming up to see her. I will go back to my hometown for possibly the last time tomorrow and I will meet up with all the guys I have been training with and have a couple of final seesion along with a farewell party.

See you all later.




  • <cite class="fn">Muhammad Ameen Sheikh</cite>

    I am really excited that mma is coming to Pakistan. Plz keep me updated on any new events that may take place, you can e-mail me and plz open a school near defence

  • <cite class="fn">Muhammad Ameen Sheikh</cite>

    Can you tell me when will you be opening in defense and what styles are you going to teach.

    • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

      Will open by March 19th. We will have Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and conditioning. Later on we are trying to get a Karate and Kung Fu teacher.

  • <cite class="fn">Awais Tahir Khan</cite>

    Will this be the opening of the Shaheen MMA acedemy.I really want to join this academy.I love what Sir Bashir is doing and aploud him for this.

  • <cite class="fn">Muhammad Ameen Sheikh</cite>

    Thank you so much. I am really looking forward to this and will join you academy.

  • <cite class="fn">Muhammad Ameen Sheikh</cite>

    Can you also tell me the address in defence where you will be opening?

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