The rise of Pakistani Boxing

“Boxing is among the very few sports, in which Pakistan has made slow but steady progress despite general deteriorating standards. One is astonished to mark the progress keeping in view the fact that there is not a single gymnasium or indoor stadium of international standard.

The Pakistani boxers also lack necessary equipment and other facilities which have made the other countries leading boxing nations of the world. More surprising is the tact that the Pakistani personalia have climbed up the top berths in the organisational set-up of world amateur boxing by dint of sheer hard-work and individualistic efforts. Mr. Anwar Chaudhry, a Professor of engineering in Karachi University was at present the President of the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA). This is no small achievement by any standards.”

This tells me a lot about the future of combat sports in Pakistan. It gives me a lot hope that despite not being given adequate equipment, Pakistani’s are through grit and motivation beginning to make a mark on international boxing. Although the Pakistani government may not be supporting this sport just today Pakistan Boxing Federation was assured by the International Boxing Federation that it would grant 5,0000 US Dollars (4 Lakhs rps) of equipment to Pakistan. So lets see how that goes.

It seems that the Pakistani Boxing Federation has gotten serious because along with securing new equipment from the IBF they only recently hired a Cuban coach for the Pakistani team. Cubans are renowned for having good boxers, great coaches and an overall great national boxing program. Despite being the fraction of the size of Pakistan they consistently put out tough competition in International events. The MMA fighter Rogerio “Minatauro” Nogeuira has also trained with the Cuban boxing team for his MMA fights. The Cuban coach, Francesco Hernandez Roldan is joining the Pakistani team after this weeks AIBA World Boxing Championship being held at Milan (Italy).

Pakistan may or may not develop a domestic boxing scene, although there are promising signs with clubs being formed from the slums of Lyari, Karachi to upscale LUMS University in Lahore. But this rise in interest for combat sports especially one that is so important in MMA competition is very promising. Having good boxing coaches and practitioners means that this nations MMA competitors will have resources to prepare to become the worlds most well rounded fighters. In the coming months and years MMA Pakistan hopes to document the rise of some great Pakistani boxers and a general rise in popularity of boxing to the Pakistani public. Both as a sport and as a form of fitness.

For those living in Lahore please contact 0334 4137706 or visit Boxing Academy in Lahore the timings are 6-8 pm Mon, Wed, Fri or to schedule a time more suitable for you contact the number above




  • <cite class="fn">Anonymous</cite>

    Hi I want to start learn boxing do you know contacts of any good instructers or clubs in karachi? Thanks.

  • <cite class="fn">Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan</cite>

    Some of the best clubs are in Lyari. Check out this club, sorry but I do not have an address.

    Ali Mohammed Qambrani Boxing Club

  • <cite class="fn">Anonymous</cite>

    Thanks for the information.

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    Other variant is possible also

  • <cite class="fn">khalid</cite>

    hi , i want to be a part of of ur team .. im crazy abt mix martial arts & want to know if there are any accademy`s in khi that might help me out ..

    • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

      Thats great to hear. We are having a seminar in Karachi very soon. Please join us on facebook and check it out.

  • <cite class="fn">Machine</cite>

    do you have any facility in islamabad for mma????

  • <cite class="fn">Awais Tahir Khan</cite>

    I wanted to know if you can tell me about any boxing clubs in Lahore.Moreover,I am under 15 and weigh 65-70 kg,so I need a club that could satisfy my needs?

  • <cite class="fn">zubair sahi</cite>

    i am the best boxer in the pakistan in middle weight 75 kg if any one challange me i can come there for fighting anywhere in the pakistan yes i am the champion champion champion of the pkistan in middle weight class myaddress is Gujranwala my phone no is 0344-6220324 i am gratful to you if you send the this e-mail to higher authority if you want to see the future world champion boxer.

  • <cite class="fn">Fred Homes on remodeling</cite>

    Pakistan has seen success at Amateur level boxing. They have won medals at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Pakistan Boxer won with their fights over malaysian and Filipinos.

    Two of the best pakistani boxer are Usman Ahmed and Amir Khan. People were saying Amir was done after getting knocked out by Prescott, but in three fights he is world champion. And Usman Ahmed made its way across internet media sites just this february 2011 because of how he dance the Pakistani music while creating a theatrical ring entrance.

  • <cite class="fn">Andy Kim</cite>

    Thanks for the information!
    Do you know of any good clubs in Portland, Oregon?

  • <cite class="fn">rafay khan</cite>

    hi,sir is there any mma club/institute in karachi???

  • <cite class="fn">haris lodhi</cite>

    salam. actually i am looking to join a good intitute for martial arts or boxing or taichi in karachi. so please msg me all the details, so i can come and visit the institute and will join immediately.
    thanks with regards,
    haris lodhi

  • <cite class="fn">umair</cite>

    hello there….i am 17 n recently i have been pretty interested in boxing n even eager to learn free style wrestling…am from lahore n i need to know about any good boxing clubs here in lahore…apart from training i want to get proper certificates from that academy or whatever…i hope some here can help me out..regards umair

    • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

      Please check they have a proper boxing program, with a ring, heavy bags and equipment. The gym is clean and the crowd is educated with a team atmosphere and motto of “leave you ego at the door.” Just call the number 0334 4137706 for more information.

  • <cite class="fn">akhtar</cite>

    i want to know the name with adress of a well known boxing academy in lahore plz inform me as soon as any can!!!!
    email id

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