Tigers Gym India

Today I am going to write a little bit about my coming to Tigers Gym in India. I won’t write so much about the training today but about how I arrived at Tiger’s Gym in the first place.

I think the first thing anyone should do even before reading any further or right after reading the entry is to go tigersgym.com. You can get all the info you need from the website along with pictures and videos.

However, I will give you some basic background info. Basically, Tigers gym is the brain child of Danial Isaac, who has been doing Martial Arts all of his life. His father was a very well known Martial Artist as well and was even invited to the first UFC but had issues with his visa. He started Tigers Gym nine years ago. That’s something everyone should really sink into their minds. Nine years ago MMA was still an underground sport and not like it is today or even 5 years ago. But in 2000 people were being invited to learn and train MMA in India. Since then, the gym has done really well and all the major players (promoters, gym managers etc) in the Asian circuit are linked with Tigers Gym. Tigers Gym has now been featured in Men’s health India, Star Sports and other media outlets. I have a feeling that they are about to make a big mark in the Indian sports scene soon.

So how did I end up this place? Well, it started during the planning phases of MMA Pakistan. This is when it was still just an idea being talked about between me an my cousin. During this time I was doing a lot of Internet research on Mixed Martial Arts and Martial Arts in general in Pakistan. Other then usual Tae Kwon Do federations I found and the odd traditional martial arts school there was nothing being taught in the way of MMA in the country. I searched forums to see if I could read any talk on MMA but even that came up slim. One day, very randomly I decided to see if maybe there was something in next door India. I expected to find MAYBE one MMA school, or at least one that THOUGHT it was an MMA school. Instead to my great surprise I came upon a large web page with fighter profiles and HL videos and pictures of a gigantic training center. I had literally had goosebumps, my blood ran cold. To be honest my first thought was “MMA is already in South Asia, there’s no point in me doing anything.” After the initial shock though, I really thought about it and realized it was a good thing, a very good thing. Having a large gym in India could only help me, in no way could it hinder me. A day after seeing the web page I knew that I had to go to India personally and visit this gym and see what it was about. I figured I was probably going to go visit when I finished up with school and left to go train in Thailand. I emailed Danial Isaac and told them I was interested in coming to visit and he was very happy to hear from me and told me i would be more then welcome. It was set then. I was going to go visit Tigers Gym.

I wanted to write a little bit more, but its getting late here so I am going to go to bed. I’ll finish up tomorrow.




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