Trip to Lahore Akhara (with video)

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan visited the famous Akharas of Lahore in a Fite Selektor recruitment drive. The Pehlwans of Pakistan hold great promise as International Champions of MMA with education regarding the sport and cross training in other arts to round out their own existing ones. They are also in great shape and great care is taken to regiment their training and diets. They train twice a day and eat up to 500 rs worth of food daily to maintain their strength.

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan got the chance to visit the home of Bashir Bohla Bhala on the back side of Lahore Fort, Bhamma Pehlwans Akhara, the largest Akhara of the area. For those who follow the local wrestling scene Bashir Bhola Bhala is currently at the top of the food chain throughout Pakistan having recently won another Championship. The Akhara houses about 2 dozen wrestlers and training sessions are watched by a number of former wrestlers who comment and advise throughout training.

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan discussed MMA competition with the Ustads (teachers) and athletes of the Akhara. Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan looks forward to further working with the wrestlers of Pakistan to strengthen our traditional sports and to provide fame for Pakistan through international MMA competition.

Please watch the video below for some footage of our trip to the Akhara and don’t forget to spread the word and sign up for Fite Selektor. Keep yourself posted for more updates regarding Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan.




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